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MD Sticky Memo Pad (A7)

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If a notebook is for writing in the orderly pages of a book, then it is sticky memos that allow you to write and stick on individual notes. After all, we need both options, don’t we?

To meet this need, Midori suggest that the perfect combination is the MD Sticky Memo Pad, created from MD Paper with the writing comfort you expect, together with MD Notebook/ Traveler's Notebook. Using these together will further broaden the potential of your writing. We propose not just using one or the other, but both in combination.

They fit perfectly in your notebook, looking just like one of the pages. Do not hesitate to write down all your ideas on the sticky memos and enlarge your notebook.

Developed since the 1960s, Midori's paper products are designed for writing comfort. With a well-protected manufacturing process and rigorous inspection, the quality each MD product is guaranteed. A testament to the paper's distinct quality and texture, a unique scribbling sound is created when the paper is written on.

MD Sticky Memo Pads feature a cover, just like a notebook. This is to ensure that you don’t lose your precious memos and ideas, and prevent them becoming creased and dirty as you use your pad when out and about. The cover can also be used as a backing board so you can easily jot down ideas while standing.

In addition, with standard sticky memos, the side on which the adhesive is attached can be a little difficult to write on. However, MD Sticky Memo Pad is unique in that you can write beautifully on both sides, without stickiness or smearing.

Available in size A7 and A6.

Brand Midori
Dimensions 10.2 x 7.6 x 1cm
Specifications 80 sheets
Material MD Paper Cream

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