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Kaweco: CLASSIC Sport Fountain Pen - Fine Nib 0.7mm

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Kaweco, Germany


Plastic body, steel nib

Number of Pages


10.5cm (Closed); 13.5cm (Open); Diameter 1.4cm


- Packaging: 1 Fountain Pen contained in Kaweco cardbord case;
- Pre-installed ink colour: Royal Blue;
- Refillable: International standard cartridge

There are few writing instruments in this world that are able to be so successful in the market for decades by staying the same. One of them is of course the Kaweco Classic Sport. Since its introduction in 1935, the pen's engineered design and appearance have been untouched and unchanged. 

The pocket fountain pen's lightweight body is balanced with a gold-plated steel nib and an iridium tip for ink cartridges.

This pen's iconic octagonal shape and oversized cap allows it to keep its compact, pocket shape (10.5cm), while acting as a full size pen when the cap is posted (13.5cm).

Uses short international standard cartridges. Alternatively, you can get a converter and go for ink bottles.

Presented in a simple card box.

Available in the nib sizes EF / F.

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