Tosawashi Products

Tosawashi: Washi Vertical Notepad in Hinoki Wood Box

$182 MYR

The Shimanto River, one of Japan’s clearest flowing streams, is the origin of this particular selection of Hinoki wood (Japanese Cypress). Nurtured by the Niyodogawa basin, the trees sprout and flourish, exuding a distinct cypress scent that lasts even after the carving and polishing, imbuing a subtle fragrance in the silky washi notes it now contains, and whatever it will hold in the days to come.

Each box contains 100 sheets of vertical notes. Also sold separately here.

Brand Tosawashi Products

Hinoki Wood Box: 22 x 10.5 x 3cm Height

Vertical Notes: 19 x 8.5cm

Material Hinoki Wood and Washi Paper
Origin Japan

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