Washi/ Paper Tape

Making waves in the arts and craft world, washi tape is a decorative stationery that’s found a permanent place in our toolboxes.
A brilliant combination of traditional Japanese washi paper, masking tape adhesive, and uniquely adorable designs, washi tapes are the perfect ingredient for DIY projects, big or small.
Delicate as they may seem with varying degrees of translucence, washi tapes are actually durable and strong. Their matte surface bears writing in lead or ink easily, making them ideal labels for your belongings, or decorations on wrapped gifts.
Made of rice paper, washi tapes are tree-free and biodegradable in nature. It’s also reusable due to its pressure-sensitive adhesive that allows easy removal without leaving any residue or damaging surfaces.
So go ahead and mix, match, experiment. Choose one tape, or many. There are no limits to their uses, or their charm.