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Traveler's Notebook (Regular Size) OLIVE Edition

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Brand Traveler's Company

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[Last batch in limited quantities.]

This is TRAVELER’S Notebook in OLIVE, a 2017 limited-edition colour.

A deep green tinged with yellow, olive is sometimes referred to as khaki green in Japan. With a green often seen as protective colouration in nature, this TRAVELER’S Notebook is a good companion when you’re outdoors or travelling.  

1. Cotton Bag H 240 x W 150mm; 
2. Leather Cover (Cow) H 218 x W 130 x D 10mm (OLIVE); 
3. Blank Notebook (MD Paper, 64 Pages) H 210 x W 110mm; 
4. Spare Rubber Band (OLIVE)

Traveler's Company, Japan