Name: Ahmad Ziyad Maricar 

Age: 30

Email Address:

Occupation: Executive Business Coach


Facebook Page: ;

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for Living? What are your interests?

I run my own Coaching/ Training/ Consulting Firm based in Kelana Square, Kelana Jaya. We specialize in Executive Business Coaching, Business Model Innovation, CEO Masterclass, Soft Skills Training and Business Consulting. I have been running the business since 2008. 

My main interest has always been in Business. I love reading business books, motivation, and autobiography of successful people.

I also love creative stuff. Been reading books from Sketchnote by Mike Rohde, Wreck my Journal series by Keri Smith, books by Danny Gregory and a few more. Not very creative myself so just indulge in other peoples work and try to do it myself.

When do you start keeping a journal?

I started journaling with Moleskine. Bought my first Moleskin in 2009. It was more of a diary where I keep all my daily activities, write notes, paste items which I found and etc.

What makes you come across to this product?

I am an avid reader of Patrick Ng's blog. Been following his blog for few years. He was the one got me started with Moleskin. Then he introduces Midori Traveler's Notebook in his blog and LOVE it instantly. That time, you can only buy from overseas, as it was not available in Asia Pacific. After looking high and low, finally bought my first Midori Traveler's Notebook in December 2011 from The Journal Shop in UK. They had a promotion of Free Delivery worldwide as a Christmas promo.

Do you have a website or a blog? What makes you record down your journal on a physical notebook instead of a blog?

My blog is more business oriented. I don't really share my personal stuff online. Maybe I am too shy to share my work. Hahaha...

I love physical journal because I can carry around everywhere I go, cut and paste stuff from travel and also love the leather of Traveler's Notebook.

Can you share few pages of your customizations in your notebook?

What or who inspires you and your customization on your journal?

Instagram #travelersnote

Flickr Group - Traveler's Notebook

What does travel means to you? And where will be your next destination?

Travel means going out for a GREAT TIME with friends or family without any work obligation. This is my kind of travel. Over the years, I have travel a lot for work and also pleasure. Everytime, I will record my spending, where we went for the day, pictures, ticket stub and many more.

Next destination? I have no idea.. :)

Are you into photography (analogue/ digital) as well? If you are into analogue camera, which one is your favorite camera?

Yes I love photography. I use a Canon 60D as my main camera. Don't fancy analogue camera anymore. Too expensive to buy the film and get it printed.

I have a Diana+ Lomo but don't know how to use. Planning to buy a Fuji Polaroid camera one of these days for the fun of it.

What your say about doing things in analogue way in this digital era?

Well, there are always a lot of Pros and Cons in going either way. For photography, I prefer Digital as I can snap as many photos as I want and just keep or delete them. Easier to share with friends, families and also the world.

As for journal, well, as I am shy, I would prefer to keep it analogue for now. Plus don't think I can live without my Moleskin and Traveler's Notebook.

If there is no internet in this world, what do you think you will be doing to replace the time you spend online each day?

Great question. Maybe I would spend more time with my family and friends. Write more journal, keep better scrapbook and watch more TV. 

Thank you Ziyad for spending time on doing this interview despite his busy schedule and his life with his cute baby. Always like him in smiling face. Wishing him a great success in business and looking forward for more life sharing from him with us :)

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