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Name: Pooi Chin 

Age: 21

Email Address:

Occupation: Student on Business Marketing


Facebook Page:

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?

I'm 21 this year, studying Business Marketing. I learn Chinese calligraphy (such a typical Chinese girl huh) and I enjoy crafting since young. Most of my craft works are simple as the quote that says "less is more" is always with me. Recently I'm into snail mailing, I write letters and do postcard swapping whereby I handmade most of the cards. 

When did you start keeping a journal?

I've always love writing and scribbling, however I only start journaling on Traveler's Notebook at the beginning of this year.

How did you come across the Traveler's Notebook?

I came across to this product through some of the sharing posts from Instagram. I first fall in love for the leather cover, and once I realized the key feature about Traveler's Notebook that it is customizable and refillable, I was totally amazed and I told myself that I must own it! I believe this is the sense of belonging, when I know I will be using the same cover throughout the years by just changing or adding new refills.

Do you have a website or a blog? What encourages you to keep a journal on a physical notebook instead of a blog?

I do not have a blog but I share most of my work on Instagram (pooi_chin). As I love scribbling, love the mark of pen onto papers and I feel more realistic to record on papers instead of having them online. The satisfaction of flipping through the pages on a physical notebook is just unbeatable compare to looking at them from a monitor. I'm glad that my boy friend supports me on journaling, he always bring me to nice cafe with good ambience and he will watch me writing (how sweet!).

Can you share a few pages of your customisation in your notebook?

I don't do much modifications on my notebook, let me share some of the recent page that I did. Basically I wrote my own feelings and thoughts, that's why I'm too shy to expose the content. I have a habit of collecting receipts, business cards and all sort of tickets. I have a whole big stack of receipts and cards that I accumulate over the years and most of the contents have actually faded. For me, they are a stack of memories. And now I found a better place to keep them, that is to attach them in my Traveler's Notebook whereby I'm still able to write some "stories" about them. I believe that they will become one of my precious things after years where the memories are being kept in my notebook.

What or who inspires the customisation on your journal?

I'm not too fancy on the customizing my Traveler's Notebook with charms, I don't use the bookmark either. I prefer to keep it simple and basic. However, I hope that I could have a chance to do a personal embossment on the leather cover of my Traveler's Notebook.

What does 'travel' mean to you? And where will be your next destination?

Literally, travel means a getaway for me. My next travel destination is still undecided. As a student, budget is an issue for me, I don't demand to travel to somewhere that is too far away, I will be happy to go anywhere as long as I can temporary shut down my mind from the hectic work load.

Are you into photography (analogue/digital) as well? If you are into analogue cameras, which one is your favourite?

I'm not into photography but my boy friend does. He is a wedding and portrait photographer (digital), he love film photography so much and he does analogue photography as his hobby. Based on what he owns now, I like the Minolta Autocord (TLR) for the cool appearance, and it takes square format photo that are comparatively unique from the usual landscape/ portrait photos. I also like Land Camera 450 Polaroid camera where it can produce instant photo for me to complement my journal. This Polaroid from old days produce better photo quality than the usual instant camera.

What's your take on doing things the analogue way in a digital era?

According to what my boy friend has shared with me, doing things in analogue way is a chance of allowing ourselves to slow down and experience the rhythm of life, looking things into different way from another angle. Just like the olden times.

It is similar as why I prefer to write on physical notebook than doing it online.

If there is no Internet in this world, what do you think you will be doing to replace the time you spend online each day?

This is a tough question, and I can't really imagine if those days happen. Well, I think I will have more time to do journal, and I would have known more pen pals and write more letters. I also wonder what would others do if internet happened to shut down for a period of time. How do people communicate? That would be a question to ponder.

I hope more people will actually write, be fascinated by journal and handwriting.

Thank you Pooi Chin for spending her time on this interview during her assignment deadline! We love admiring her work through Instagram; we're always inspired by them. Let's continue to share our passion for the Traveler's Notebook and the culture of keeping journals. All the best to you! :)

What's in Pooi Chin's Traveler's Notebook:

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4- 002 Refill Grid Notebook

5- 008 Zipper Pocket

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