Name:Β Nasir Roli

Age: 41

Email Address:

Occupation: Photographer


Facebook Page:

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?

I'm a full time photographer based in Kuala Lumpur who specialized in advertising & events photography.

My interests is to capture human lifestyle by film camera using black & white film.

When did you start keeping a journal?

I started keeping my journal since 1990 when I was studying Photography at MARA Institute of Technology (ITM) at Shah Alam, Selangor.

How did you come across the Traveler's Notebook?

This happened during my first visit to Taiwan at 2012, when I saw Traveler's Notebook selling in a bookstore in airport. I started my first Traveler's Notebook in year 2013. I found Traveler's Notebook is easy to customize if to compare with some other notebooks that I owned.

Can you share a few pages of your customisation in your notebook?

What or who inspires you and the customisation on your journal?

Internet gives me a lot of ideas on how to customize my notebook. Sometimes the idea may work but sometimes it may not that practical for me.

What does travel means to you? And where will be your next destination?

Travel is a door opening for me to learn about other people life and culture. My next destination is India.

Are you into analogue photography? WhichΒ is your favourite camera?

As a professional photographer in this digital world, I use digital camera for my everyday task. Most of the time, I'm using Canon and Nikon system. For leisure and hobby, I'm using Voigtlander Bessa Rangefinder camera together with black & white film. I do process my own film as well.

For my family, I like to use Fujifilm Instax Mini Panda instant camera.

What's your take on doing things the analogue way in a digital era?

Using analog camera is like driving a manual car. It gives you more passion, confident and to think before release the camera shutter. To me analogue is real (physical), digital means virtual.

If there is no Internet in this world, what do you think you will be doing to replace the time you spend online each day?

If there is no Internet, I will keep shooting with my film camera and develop my film, and write my book using a typewriter.

Thank you Nasir for his time! He is always very sincere and passionate about analogue stuff, especially his interest in film photography and physical journals. Looking forward to see more of his artwork!Β 

What's in Nasir's Traveler's Notebook:

1- Traveler's Star Edition (Passport Size) Camel

2- 003 Refill Blank Notebook (Passport Size)

3- 004 Zipper Pocket (Passport Size)

4- 010 Kraft File (Passport Size)

5- Brass Label Plate

6- Traveler's Star Edition Brass Clips


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