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Name: Tercia Goh (a.k.a Skybambi)

Age: 32

Email Address:

Occupation: Creative Planner at Tribal Worldwide


Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?

I travel for a living, I write for passion, I doodle for fun and I work in a digital agency for a creative outlet that pays. I love everything I do and I do everything with love.

When do you start keeping a journal?

As far as I can remember, when my grandmother used to leave me in a room with crayons when she's busy cleaning the house. I'd sit for hours on my own, totally immersed in this other world. I've kept all my journals since and I believe it is an important keepsake of your time and memories.

What makes you come across to this product?

I'm a stationery enthusiast. And when I say enthusiast, I mean I'm totally obsessed with everything from pens, journals, washi tape to a paper clip. So when I was in Taipei and I stumbled across Eslit (probably one of the biggest book and stationery store on the planet), I was like a child in Disney for the first time! That was when I came across to this beautifully bounded leather notebook. Love at first write.

Do you have a website or a blog? What makes you record down your journal on a physical notebook instead of a blog?

Yes, I do have a blog, where I filter my thoughts. I think that's one of the differences. In a journal, you can be totally uninhibited. Where as on a blog, you write to share, to spread, to seek, to speak out to an audience. The intention is on a different tangent. Although, I have to say, nothing beats the feeling of pen against paper!

Can you share few pages of your customizations in your notebook?

Sure. I love handlettering and typography, and I've currently taken up the challenge to write out a quote a day. It's a routine that soothes me.

What or who inspires you and your customization on your journal?

I'd have to say, Patrick Ng. He's probably the father of modern day journaling. I admire his creativity, hacks, creations and ability to conceptualize his creations, even before it comes to life! Aside from him, traveling fuels the passion to journal, to capture the fleeting moments. A ticket stub here, a scribble at a cafe there, and a fallen leaf between the pages. I'm very sentimental like that.

What does travel means to you? And where will be your next destination?

Travel means expanding your view in life. Constantly pushing boundaries through discoveries and experience. You can't truly experience all that life has to offer if you don't step out of your comfort zone.

Are you into photography (analogue/ digital) as well? If you are into analogue camera, which one is your favorite camera?

I used to be an avid lover of film photography, until mobile phones come along and the need for instant gratification overpowered the patience of waiting for your negatives to develop. I still have a few Lomos on display in my room, even a 3D one that I believe is no longer in production. It reminds me of simpler times :)

What your say about doing things in analogue way in this digital era?

I think its an integral part of life, an inevitable mix of the two and that everyone should have the creative outlet to express him/ herself on whichever medium. The medium is just part of the process of dissemination. The most important thing is to enjoy the process. Make with analogue, share with digital.

If there is no internet in this world, what do you think you will be doing to replace the time you spend on line each day?

You'd find me having a glass of wine on the balcony, surrounded by a seas of pens of all imaginable shades, crouched over my Traveler's Notebook, humming to the tunes in my head while I write and doodle my days away. Bliss.

Thank you Tercia for her time on doing this interview. Love almost all of her amazing hand-written typography using different type of media, and the rustic feel of background image. 

What's in Tercia's Traveler's Notebook:

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