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15th Feb - 20th Feb 2018
Ever come across a gift so beautifully put together yet simple in idea that you wish you could do it too? Or perhaps you've fallen in love with the elegance of calligraphy and hope to emulate it someday? Well, you've come to the right place.

2nd Space has curated a selection of workshops for enthusiastic beginners to master some fun and useful arts & crafts skills at our shop's crafting space in Seremban. Take a look around and see if anything piques your interest, but do hurry because places are limited. We hope to see you soon! :-)


1) Watercolour Calligraphy Workshop by Vivien (NOVE)

Join us for this fun and intimate class where you will be guided to learn the fundamentals of brush calligraphy, starting with basic strokes, letterforms, wordings as well as exploring blending techniques to create beautiful ombre effects using watercolours. This class is designed for beginners and requires no prior experience in calligraphy.  



•    Basic Strokes
•    Basic Rules of Beginner’s Calligraphy
•    Miniscules (small letters)
•    Majuscules (capital letters)
•    Word Practice
•    Blending techniques to create ombre effect with watercolour

•    4 hours of hands-on guidance
•    Take-home Curated Calligraphy Kit:

1 x Brush Calligraphy Module, 1 x Aquash Watercolour Brush, 1 x Watercolour Set (12 colours), 1 x Watercolour Palette, Practice Sheets, Watercolour Papers and etc.

•    Light refreshments


April 22, 2018 (Sunday)


2pm - 6pm (4 hours)

Class Fee:

RM 230 per pax (All materials will be provided) 

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