Classiky: Desk Tool Box (Size M/L)

$315 MYR

With the Classiky desk toolbox, the next time there’s a birthday emergency or a craft workshop, you'll know exactly where to find the things you need.

A clean, timeless design, this toolbox will hold your craft tools and supplies for whenever and wherever you need them.

Made from "tsuga" wood (Japanese Hemlock), this vintage piece is assembled with finger joints on the sides, finished with a simple and secure latch. The hinged lid comes with steel support and a pull handle on top. 

The box comes with a removable tray. 

* The original purpose is to use it as first-aid kit/ emergency tool box. 
Brand Classiky
Dimensions M: 13.5 Height x 30 Width x 19.7 Depth (cm);
L: 16 Height x 32.6 Width x 21 Depth (cm)
Material Tsuga wood

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