Gift Wrapping Service

$15.00 MYR

Brand Tabiyo Shop

Gift Wrapping Service by YF

Gifts are a personal token for a special someone – a delightful surprise. So, why shouldn’t the packaging they come in be a surprise in itself?

We say it’s time to ditch the same old box wrap and cellophane tape, and explore some new avenues to express your appreciation.

Tabiyo’s gift wrapping promise to give presents that handmade touch.

Our Japanese style gift wrap is using kraft paper/ wrapping paper (your choice) and gift tag from Midori Chotto series, with a further touch-up by using paper twines from Paperphine. We will mixed and matched each gift wrap to create a truly unique gift for your someone special.


  • We charge a flat rate at RM 15. If your order has more than 1 item, please leave us a note should you need to wrap each item separately (If there is no further instruction, we will gather all items in one box). 
  • Do leave us a note to indicate which is your preferred paper:-

- Kraft Paper, or

- Wrapping Paper A (Red), or

- Wrapping Paper B (Blue)

  • Boxes divided into 3 standard sizes - S, M & L. Products that best fit into those sizes are (for example):

- Size S: Washi tapes and stamps.

- Size M: Paper items from Classiky, Tosawashi Products, and etc. Pouches from Nahe, Wax Seal set, Traveler's Notebook Passport size, inserts and accessories.

- Size L: Traveler's Notebook Regular size, inserts, and etc.

We will do our best to fit the products into a box that fits well.