Kaweco: SKYLINE Sport Fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib

$105 MYR

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Small and lightweight, the Kaweco SKYLINE Sport Fountain Pen is the ideal writing companion for those who'd like to stay stylish on the move.

Sharing the same design as the 1935 Classic Sport, the Skyline Sport’s gloss barrel is accompanied by polished chrome for a sleek, modern finish. The chunky profile gives this pen a presence in the hand, making it a real joy to hold.

Featuring chrome-plated steel nib and iridium tip for ink cartridges, the pen keeps its compact, pocket shape (10.5cm) when closed, while acting as a full size pen when the cap is posted (13.5cm).

Uses short international standard cartridges. Alternatively, you can get a converter and go for ink bottles.

Presented in a simple card box.

Available in nib sizes EF / F.

Accessories / Optional Items:

Brand Kaweco
Size  10.5cm (Closed); 13.5cm (Open), 1.4cm diameter
Packaging 1 Fountain Pen contained in Kaweco cardboard case
Material Plastic body, steel nib
Pre-installed ink color Royal Blue; Refillable - International standard cartridge
Origin Germany

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