Kokuyo: 2021 Jibun Techo BIZ B6 Mini

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The name "Jibun Techo" comes from the Japanese words: self and planner, which is meant to be a place for you to discover about yourself while recording your story of life.

Jibun Techo Biz comes with a calm colour and font that is useful for both personal and work.

Consisting of weekly schedule pages in vertical format (24hrs), Jibun Techo allows you to chronicle your daily life in detail. With their signature "bullet point" available at the side of pages on every month, every week, this diary is ideal for jotting down to-do list, weekly / monthly task effectively. This diary is using Kokuyo "MIO Paper" (which is slightly thicker than Kokuyo "THIN Paper" for non-biz Jibun) - which dries the ink quickly and is less likely to bleed to the back. The inner paper is moderately firm, so the pages can be flipped over easily.

Jibun Techo bound with stitches and can be opened up flat to let you write with ease while maintaining durability. The MIO paper although is thin, the smooth surface is perfect for fountain pens too as it absorbs the ink well without feathering and bleeding.

For a more professional appearance, the background colour used for Jibun Techo BIZ is slightly different from others Non-Biz Jibun, with the same layout, BIZ is printed in black, red, and blue.

The additional pages such as book list, movie list, favourite phrases are designed to be customized to fill up a good one year. 

This diary comes with removable matte cover with pen loop, pockets for holding cards, loose papers, which is perfect for diary essentials. 

Notes: All pictures shown are photo taken for Jibun Techo 2020.

Brand Kokuyo
B6 Mini: 19 x 12cm
Kokuyo "MIO Paper" 
PVC matte cover with pockets, 2 bookmark strings, pen loop
  • 3-year calendar 2020-2023
  • Yearly schedule (Jan 2021 ~ Dec 2021) 
  • Monthly projection
  • Monthly schedule (Dec 2020 ~ Mar 2022)
  • Weekly schedule in vertical format (Dec 2020 ~ Dec 2021) with additional sections for to-do lists, weather, what you ate, and how you felt that day.
  • Others: Age chart, my dream 2021, money plan, weekly plan, japan map, favourite phrases, recommendation list, book list, movie list, gifts received, given, promise list, looking back on 2020, personal data

… Total 104 pages

Origin Japan 

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