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Midori Japan

MD Notebook Diary 2022

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MD Paper with Paper Cover

Number of Pages

175 Pages


A5: 21 x 14.8 x 1cm
B6 Slim: 17.5 x 10.5 x 1cm
A6: 14.8 x 10.5 x 1cm


Annual calendar/ Monthly schedule (December 2021 - January 2023)/ 8 divided memo (the width of ruled line 7mm) 113 pages/ plain memo 32 pages

This diary makes effective use of blank space.

Based on the MD Notebook, this diary is simple and easy to use to stimulate your creativity. With plenty of blank space and a simple, easy-to-use format, this diary is ideal for jotting down your ideas and inspirations.

This diary includes block type monthly schedule pages and pages divided into eight sections across a two-page spread for use as a weekly schedule. There are also blank pages at the back.

Monthly schedule: 

The monthly schedule pages have plenty of blank space around the edges so you can add notes and even drawings. These pages are designed so that you can combine your monthly plans with notes, to-do items and sketches of your ideas.

Weekly schedule:

The note pages are divided into eight sections across a two-page spread, to make your weekly diary extra flexible, or just simply for notes taking.

You can write ideas, draw sketches and even use the whole two-page spread as a single canvas.

The MD Notebook Diary includes an index label and bookplate.

The index label contains the year and “DIARY”. You can attach it to the spine of your MD Notebook Diary. The bookplate can be filled in with your name and signature, the date you began using the diary or your goals for the year. Affix it to the inside of the cover or on the title page so that you can see it each time you use your MD Notebook Diary.

* If you are looking for subtle support for your MD Notebook Diary, check out paper cover / clear cover / goat leather cover.