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Midori Japan

Midori: Ojisan Pocket Diary (A6 Weekly) 2022

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MD Paper, PVC Cover with Pen Holder

Number of Pages

128 pages


A6 Weekly: 15.2 x 11.2 x 1cm


Annual calendar & schedule, Monthly schedule (October 2021-January 2023), Weekly schedule (January 2022-December 2022) and other pages

The “Ojisan series“ is a long seller diary with many fans since 1995. The story of each month is based on an ordinary, daily life of an "old man". 

The theme for the year 2022 is relaxed and carefree life. "Ojisan" always moving happily around numbers and ruled lines, and the numbers on the index are presented by "Ojisan" human letters.

For inner pages, view here