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In the late nineteen century, all kinds of paper clips were created in order to meet the principle of “It Fits the Finger”. These designs are both functional and attractive, which are what helped them stand the test of time. Tools to Liveby has selected and remade 6 popular vintage shapes to delight vintage stationery lovers around the world. Each clip is made of brass, and embossed with the TTLB logo.

The Owl clip, so named after its resemblance to the eyes of an owl, was created in 1983 in the United States. It was designed to hold paper firmly without bruising, with double clips for added security.  

The Ideal clip, also know as the Butterfly Clip, was launched by Cushman & Denison Mfg. Co. It became popular instantly and is continually manufactured to this day. These particular versions are slightly smaller and daintier in size.

The Niagara clip was patented in 1897 in New York. It is nicknamed the “GEM Paper Clip”. GEM clips hold thicker stacks of paper easily and we fancy they look a bit like little hearts.

The Weis clip was launched by Weis Binder Co. in 1903 and patented the year after. The right triangle design makes the clip convenient to handle with one raised tip that also creates gap between different paper files.

Clipper Mfg. Co. released the Mogul clip in 1918. With the unique design shape, this clip can holds papers firmly.

The patent of McGill paper clip was granted in 1900. We've adjusted its proportion a little bit in order to hold the papers perfectly.

Each box contains 10 clips.

Brand Tools to Liveby
Size/ Quantity Refer to list below
Material Brass
Origin Taiwan 
Owl - 15 x 25mm, 10 pieces
Ideal - 20 x 25mm, 10 pieces
Niagara - 20 x 25mm, 10 pieces
Weis - 15 x 20mm, 10 pieces
Mogul - 15 x 25mm, 10 pieces
McGill - 15 x 25mm, 10 pieces

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