Let's make coffee!

For me, the best time in a week is probably on Saturday morning, having breakfast with a cup of coffee to start my day, then clean my room and go out to do some grocery shopping. It sounds mundane, but simple things as these made me happy. Last Saturday, I went to a coffee making class and learned many tips to make a cup of good coffee.

In the class, we were taught to make hot coffee and ice coffee. That's usually what I make for myself everyday, sounds simple and easy.

Yes, what we learn in the class is simple and easy. Just need to follow the methods, everyone can make a good coffee at home too.

This is our handout, the materials and methods.



A coffee filter paper

A coffee dripper

A swan neck kettle

An electric scale

A coffee mug

We were given freshly ground coffee ( medium-coarse grind setting ), weighed 12 g coffee grounds into the filter. Making a cup of dripped-coffee, the basic ratio of coffee grounds and boiling water is 1:16. Started by pouring 20 ml boiling water into the coffee ground in circular motion, let it sit/steam for 20~30 seconds, the ground begins to froth. Then, continued pouring boiling water in controlled pace until 120 ml, waited another 30 seconds, added the remaining boiling water until 190 ml, to achieve the ratio we want. The whole process of making  a cup of dripped-coffee, takes about 1.5 ~ 3 minutes.

Brewing a good cup of coffee really depends on how well you understand the science behind coffee, just like doing an experiment. The appearance, flavor and aroma formed depend on temperature, brewing circle time, appropriate equipment, the coffee bean quality and of course the person who performs the "experiment".

And, the final product was so satisfying with its companion. Have a nice weekend everyone! Chao.



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