Everyone is on a journey of their own. Getting from point A to B can happen on highways and byways, or take us down a new career path. Sometimes, they forge a fresh passage within ourselves, revealing new destinations and potentials.
At Tabiyo, we want to inspire journeys of every kind, for travellers of every manner. We began in 2012 by introducing the TRAVELER'S Notebook to our shores. Today, we are an online + offline lifestyle boutique housing collections to inspire your travels, creativity, style and everyday life.
So, wherever your point A and B is, we look forward to being part of that journey. Now, where would you like to go next?
Not all those who wander are lost. – J.R.R. Tolkien
- March 2021
June 2020 Baum-kuchen, USA
March 2020 Oeda Letterpress, Japan
November 2019 Appree & Suatelier, Korea
October 2018 Tabiyo's new home at #tabiyo294
August 2018 Yuruliku, Japan
June 2018 Avril Kyoto, Japan
February 2018 Kokuyo, Japan
June 2017

Osco Labo, Japan

KNOOP Works, Japan

March 2017 Kaweco, Germany
November 2016

Mizushima, Japan

Paperphine, Vienna

9 October 2016 
Opening of Tabiyo brick & mortar shop in Seremban. 
July 2016 Tosawashi Products, Japan
16 April 2016
Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Traveler's Notebook with users at TAP, Petaling Jaya.
February 2016 Written Word Calligraphy, Canada
July 2015 Grey Ray, Thailand
May 2015 Classiky, Japan
February 2015 Hightide, Japan 
November 2014 Tools to Liveby, Taiwan
21 June 2014 Pop-up store Vol. 2 at Photocrafts The Cafe, Petaling Jaya.
November 2013 Fog Linen Works, Japan
17 August 2013
First Traveler's Notebook users meet-up and sharing session at Photocrafts The Cafe, Petaling Jaya (Pop-up store Vol. 1).
June 2013 Mark's Inc. (Formerly known as Mark's Tokyo Edge)
September 2012 MT Masking Tapes
24 July 2012 "You've received a new order!" - Our first order since the opening of our online shop which used to carry the Traveler's Notebook (formerly known as Midori Traveler's Notebook) and some inserts exclusively.
12 June 2012 Founded.