The Art of Sending Love (Post No. 2)

Hello to paper lover out there!

Here is the second post for the art of sending love. This is a set of packaging that I've prepared to showcase in #tabiyo92. Finally, I managed to did my first cylinder wrap which gave me so much satisfaction! Hope you like it too!

Self-initiate project - "The Art of Giving" (22 February 2017) 


A. Cylinder Wrap (Washi Tape Set of 3) - I follow the wrapping instruction from a Japanese Gift Wrapping book, you can also refer to this link for video which I find it very useful. 


1. Base: Wrapping Paper from Tosawashi Products - Letterpress Washi Letter Paper (The successful rate is higher when using thin/ soft paper, especially when you need to fold the pleats)

2. "Obi"/ "Belt": Tosawashi Calendar

3. Paper Twine by Paperphine

4. Dot Seals from Drop Around x Classiky to seal the top and bottom 

B. Petite gift (TTLB Paper Clips


1. Mizushima Letter Writting Set - Dots as wrapping paper

2. Any paper to make a paper "ribbon"(width - about 1cm), secure it with eyelet

3. Mizushima Rotary Stamp - Greetings - Leave a message in 168 ways with 13 messages and 13 icons. Back in stock around mid of March.

C. Japanese Traditional Fan Wrapping - Instruction link here.


1. A square box

2. Wrapping Paper 

3. Mizushima Gofuku Tags, stamp it with Mizushima Rotary Stamps

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy and have fun trying it out! :)


February 27, 2017 by Yen Fong LAM

2016 Christmas Gift Guide for you!

The happiest month is here! We have prepared a list of Christmas gift guide hopefully it will help you to decide what to give to him, her, the little ones and for the important ones :)
Mini Clipboard by Penco, Botanical Wax Seal by Written Word Calligraphy, Infinite Calendar by Mizushima, Tiny Container by Hightide, Nahe Packing Pouch by Hightide, Hourglass by Hightide, *Desk Toolbox by Classiky, Paper Twines by PaperPhine
(*Desk Toolbox: Stock for all sizes will be back in stock around mid of December. Open for reservation - drop us a message here)
Nahe Travel Organizer by Hightide, Classic Pen Holder by Hightide (coming soon), 4-colors Ballpoint Pen by Hightide, 2017 MD Calendar by Midori, by Mark's Inc., Nahe General Purpose Case by Hightide
Mini Storage Container by Hightide (coming soon), Maste Christmas Ornament by Mark's Inc., Stencil Art Stickers by Classiky, Maste set of 8 by Mark's Inc., Mini Clampy Clips by Hightide, Note Pad by Whimsy Whimsical (available in store only),  Japanese Paper Balloon (available in store only), Classiky Washi Tape set of 2, Matchbox Stickers by Classiky
MD Notebook by Midori, Spiral Ring Notebook by Midori, Eco Drawing Set by Greyray, Brass Lead Holder and Lead by TTLB, Pla-Clip by Hightide, Paper Clips by TTLB, 4-in-1 Storage Container by Hightide, Brass Pencil by Midori
Letterpress Diary Pad by Classiky, Washi Note Pad in Hinoki Box by Tosawashi, Tama Shima Calendar 2017 by Mizushima, Letterpress Flip Book Memo Pad by Classiky, Tricolor Washi Memo Pad by Tosawashi, Letter Set by Hightide, Washi Paper by Classiky
2017 Poster Calendar by Mizushima, Wooden Tray/ Bowl by Classiky (available in store only), Kata-Kata Mamezara Bear Plate by Classiky, Kiyata Bear Plate by Classiky, Kata-Kata Mamezara Albatross Bird Plate by Classiky
We hope our Christmas Guide is helpful and thank you for reading this :)
For international order, we will encourage you to place your order as early as possible and do select shipping by EMS if you wish to receive it before Christmas. Thank you!
December 06, 2016 by Yen Fong LAM

The Art of Sending Love (Post No. 1)

Hello to paper lover out there!

I have decided to share and keep a memory for each mail and gift that I've packed and share it in this blog. I will also share the products that I've used for the mail/ gift, hope you will find this useful!

Petite gift for someone special (30 August 2016) 

Things to prepare:

A petite box, scissors, washi tape, double-sided tape, dried flower, and 3 other items as per listed below.

1. Wrapping paper from Tosawashi Products - Letterpress Washi Letter Paper

2. Paper twine from Paperphine

3. Wax seal in Botanical Illustrations - Dahlia

Add a heart-felt note by using Letterpress Label Book from Classiky!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the quiet moment by doing this :)


August 30, 2016 by Yen Fong LAM

Discontinued Items from Classiky

Based on the latest order sheet by Classiky (May 2016), here is the list of discontinued/ end of production items:

1. Magazine Paper Memo Pad - Red and Green

2. Wax Paper Tag

3. Craft Log Collage Stamp Seal

4. Address Label

5. Craft Log Collage Tag Paper

6. Craft Log Envelope

7. Onion Skin Paper Pad

8. Craft Log Stamp Seal 6 pcs

9. Craft Log Number Stamp

10. Craft Log Postcard

11. Porcelain Stamp - Little Match Girl & Catnap

12. Water Activated Seal

13. Kokeshi Doll Exlibris

14. Post Package 

15. Kraft Paper Tape (SOLD OUT)

16. Outotsusha series: Letterpress Diary Book, Flip Book Memo Pad, Letterpress Envelope, Letterpress Letter Set

17. Wooden Postal Stamp - Handle With Care (SOLD OUT)

18. Classiky Washi Tape/ Grid series: Single roll (18mm), Set of 3 (18mm) , Single roll (12mm), Set of 3 (12mm) (SOLD OUT)

19. Silk Paper Memo Pad (SS) - Mouse Gray

20. Glassine Paper Pad (SOLD OUT)

21. Craft Log Stamp (SOLD OUT)

22. Envelope Tag (S) Natural (SOLD OUT)

23. Wax Paper Wrapping Pad (SOLD OUT)

24. Numbering Memo Pad - 5mm Graph Paper (SOLD OUT)

25. Tracing Paper Envelope in Grid - S (SOLD OUT)

We are really sorry to see them go, but I do believe everything happens for a reason. 


May 10, 2016 by Yen Fong LAM
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Price Increase for Traveler's Notebook and others

We hope you are spending good time with your Traveler's Notebook! For those who hasn't own one, you may want to take note of the announcement from Japan HQ:

"Due to the rise of leather cost, labour cost and transportation cost, there will be price increase for items that made of leather, as per listed below:

The above new price will be effective from March 1st, 2016 onwards. Thank you for your understanding and continuous support!

For new updates and new product info, click on this link.

February 16, 2016 by Yen Fong LAM

Traveler's Times Issue 10 [Translated - Part 2]

There are some places in the world, for example, at the deepest mountain in Eastern Europe or a cafe of a small alley. We drink coffee, and open the pages of our Traveler's Notebook, to heal the fatigue of travel. We will meet a traveler who came from a foreign country, just like us. We started our conversation without any concern. We share and talk about our Traveler's Notebook, the usage and the way we customize it. Then, we share the journey and places that we have been to. From the sticker that we pasted on our notebook, to our favorite songs and movies - just like old friends with many topics. 

It is almost 10 years since the launching of Traveler's Notebook at year 2006. At the beginning of Traveler's Notebook, those scenes are just a dream. 

Thank you to all partners who has a strong passion on introducing Traveler's Notebook to every corner of the world. Traveler's Factory, a base of Traveler's Notebook, it gathers all travelers around the world and share their story of their notebook.

Traveler's Notebook has a mysterious power that connects and creates a new way of communication. Since the number of users are increasing, we believe this power will become even stronger and a larger communication will born at the same time too. 

There will be a time at our journey, we drop by a cafe and meet with another traveler who is using Traveler's Notebook. By just imagining those co-incidence, travel can become much more joyful. 

Hello… much like you, I treasure a place called “home”. Home, as special as it is, isn’t our destination. Home is a place to travel from, a reference point from which to explore this curious planet… and beyond. We are travelers through our life. You’ve heard it said, “Life is a voyage!” We as travelers never really reach our destination (just like the concept of “TRAVELER’S notebook refills”). Eternity is in our hearts. Home is about relationships and life is the landscape of those relationships. Our purpose/ destination is to live truly! Hmmm, it sounds like the theme of TRAVELER’S notebook & company - “For all travelers who have a free spirit.”

The TRAVELER’S notebook goes beyond utilitarianism to “companionship”. The TRAVELER’S notebook’s remarkable design and thoughtful usage inspires my soul to seek for space, margins, and transcendence. Like a true friend who shares with me in every scratch, dent and spot. The TRAVELER’S notebook is a blank canvas that awaits your story. In the winter of 2012, I stumbled across TRAVELER’S notebook while surfing the web. My attention captured by its beautiful simplicity immediately. My computer direct me to a collection of 20,000+ TRAVELER’S notebook images. And from there, I became the proud owner of a TRAVELER’S notebook. Within a short period of time, I became a "collector" of TRAVELER’S notebooks. If you have a black one, you will want a brown one too.

If you have a brown one, the blue one is a must! How about a passport size version? Yes! Oh, and then I heard about 5th Anniversary Camel edition. It is a discontinued item and I have began my journey to search for this mysterious like Camel Edition. 

At the age of 7 (I'm living on the rim of Underwood mountain, overlooking the majestic Columbia River Valley in the USA), my mother sewed me a buckskin trapper bag. It was a simple survival tool for “a wandering man”. Mother always tried to motivate me to write on a journal but I have never got into it… until now. In my profession as a youth life coacher - serving young people, TRAVELER’S notebook serves me as non-intrusive, yet appropriate instrument while I scribbling notes and listen to their journeys.

Juan G. Estey Youth Life Coach, Photographer, Illustrator)
Born in Underwood, Washington in 1983. He graduated from Multnomah University/ Seminary with a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) degree and started his career as a Youth Life Coacher.
Based on his experience in web design and marketing, he also engages in designing, photo taking, and drawing illustrations as part of his career. This is all done based on his belief that design is a media that connects the message and people.
As a great fan of TRAVELER'S notebook, he also releases various information through his website.

"Traveler's Notebook & Company" changed the brand name from "Midori" to "Traveler's Company" since August 2015. At the same time, there will be renewal of official site soon. 
From official site, you will find information of products, story and information from travelers. You can also check out user's post, blog update from staff and downloadable information. So, please feel free to visit our new site!



Traveler's Notebook postcard campaign for 2015, thank you so much for your participation. We will soon post the artwork of winners on our official website. 
The theme of our postcard campaign is "Recommended Travel Spot". We gather all artwork from travelers from all around the world, and use it as a travel guide at the same time. We categorize the area/ country for each artwork too, feel free to check it before you go for a trip. 



Post from users on how they customize it, their trip, photos, scenery, related information with Traveler's Notebook, stories and illustration. 



From our official site, you can download calendar, subway route, world map and timetable according to the size of Traveler's Notebook. Trim out your favorite information, paste them on your notebook and customize them! 



When I was young, I thought I can travel the whole world by bicycle. Through books and TV programme, I taught about there is a different world outside. During that time, I imagined about the skyscraper at New York City, and desert at Africa is a village with magic. Imagination will not change without reality.
When I grow up, my world become wider by traveling - stand on the land, smell the air and feel the heat. 
In order to visit such beautiful scene, in order to d
rink a cup of coffee, in order to listen to favorite songs, in order to meet up with favorite person, we repeat the trip. The feeling is the same as visiting a friend's house for the first time, we knock the door and discover a brand new world. 

Instead of planning, lets follow our instinct. 
Instead of data, lets listen to other's voice. 
The world is not only appear on a screen, it can be a friend's place, a friend's friend's place, there is no limitation. The world seems narrow, but it is very deep. 
There are still things that unknown, lets multiply our trip and discover the unknown. 

Hello, world. 
Good afternoon, world. 
Let's knock on the door of new world. 
Have a good trip! 

December 15, 2015 by Yen Fong LAM

Traveler's Times Issue 10 [Translated - Part 1]

           "Before you start:

- As we are not a professional nor certified translator, we are here to share our little bit of Japanese language knowledge and we hope we could help non-Japanese to understand more about Traveler's Notebook and Traveler's Times.

- Please forgive our not so well trained English/ grammar error.

- Despite heavy work load, we have put in many effort into this. We hope you can credit back to us whenever you share this post. Thank you :)"

Yen Fong & Lee Ming, Tabiyo Shop from Malaysia


I like the little shop that can meet the owner in person, the shop that reflects the unique ambience of the local neighborhood, personality, and interest, and with products and space that full of love. That kind of shops, has usually taken rooted, and warmly welcome travelers. Both daily life of the local people and non-daily life of travelers mixed together pleasantly, that creates unique atmosphere. I would like to introduce some little shops in the world where you can find Traveler’s Notebook. If you have a chance to visit those places, please visit them.


Tools To Liveby (Taipei, Taiwan)

In Taiwan, you cannot miss those cheap and delicious street food such as braised pork rice, dumpling (xiao long bao), mango ice and bubble tea. It is enjoyable to eat while walking around the streets, to explore some nice and small shops that have been growing in recent years.

As you walked into Anhe Road from the main street of the central part of Taipei city, it turns into a completely different atmosphere. Away from the lively and bustling street, walking through the quiet and calm residential area, you would find the garage of the little shop is under renovation.

When peeking into the inner part of the opened entrance where there is an antique letterpress printing machine, you could see stationery are lining up on the beautiful bookshelf and vintage table with rugged texture. The owner of the shop, Karen, also a designer, has been a stationery lover for a long time and finally launched the business with her friends.

The products line-up in the shops are based on the idea that fine and high quality tools would enrich our live such as the beautiful Germany made bottle that filled with glue; Czech Republic made pencil which gives rustic writing feel; simple and elegant Taiwan made scissor. All of them are bought from around the world by Karen.

Karen travels to many places due to her job. She came across to Traveler’s Notebook 5 years ago, now it becomes the must-have-thing for traveling. Traveler’s Notebook is just like a partner during the trip, the best place to record our memories of the trip. You can feel the love of the owner towards the Traveler’s Notebook that lined up in the shop.



Oblation Papers and Press (Portland, Oregon, USA)

In 1988, Rich and his wife opened a paper-boutique-like shop in Portland. The original cards and notes in the shop are made by traditional manufacturing method, which you could feel the warmth of the paper.

You could find cards that letter-pressed with words quoted from lyric of rock song, notes with handmade cotton paper, almost all original products are made in Portland. Together with the original Portland made products, the paper products that collected from around the world by Rich and his wife are sold in the shop as well.

They first came across with Traveler’s Notebook in a selected shop, Merci. The appearance and texture of the cow-skin cover and paper, soon captured their attention. Then, they started looking for the way to purchase the products and tried to write comments via online to see if anyone can give a clue. However, surprisingly they got to know the way easily. This is because they met the staff from Designphil at an exhibition in New York few days later. It seems that Traveler’s Notebook became the starting point of their encounter in that trip.


LUIBAN (Berlin, Germany)

This is about BAN and LUI, who launched their web shop in 2009. During that time, BAN was still working in a stationery shop and LUI was working as a web producer in an IT company.

Their business started getting on track as dealing in Japan made stationery such as Traveler’s Notebook. At first, they stuffed all the stock to the shelves at home. When their bedroom became fully packed with stock goods, they decided to resign their jobs and rented a warehouse as office, and started to concentrate to run the business. They have been moving for few times due to the growing of the business. Now, they are preparing to open a physical shop in Berlin.

The Traveler’s Notebook that they are using, recorded all of their business talk and ideas, how their shop is opened, what happened until now, and etc. They always bring the notebooks with them when they are traveling. Customers who come to the shop could read and feel their Traveler’s Notebook that depicts the story of them. It seems like they want people to imagine how a notebook could change a person through a notebook.

What the most appealing is Traveler’s Notebook comes in handy for any purpose or for anyone. When the customer comes here, they show us their Traveler’s Notebook and tell us about how and how long they have been using it, we could feel the notebook could tell about the personality of the owner.


Miscellaneous (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Brigitta, the owner of the online shop started to sell Traveler’s Notebook in 2010. In 2013, a physical shop opened in Armsterdam. She selected some tools and furniture with her own unique taste in her shop that could deliver a more free and happier work life. Brigitta said that she enjoys talking to people who is using Traveler’s Notebook, meanwhile she feels even more excited to see someone that she does not know walks into the shop and explore more about Traveler’s Notebook. When the customer is trying to hold the notebook in their hands, she feels a bit jealous and happy at the same time. If you happen to go to Armsterdam, hope you will pay a visit to her shop.

December 08, 2015 by Yen Fong LAM

Things to note on leather cover

This might be a wordy post, but worth reading! :)
Dedicated to all Traveler's Notebook user and fans, we have a valuable DO's and DONT's advise on things to note on leather cover. 
By user Mr Ashdee Khairuddin from Sarawak, Malaysia.
"Let me share some of my TN history. 
I own 2; one regular and one passport, both brown. I bought the passport size first, but after finding out how useful it can be, I bought my regular sized on barely 2 months after.
I've been a leather junkie before I got the two TNs. Most of my leather products are the same color as the brown TN, which most of them are waxed oiled leather, i.e. shiny leather. I have various leather care products at home (ranging from Timberland leather care products + 1 generic leather conditioner) but did not use them at first as I've read that it will change the color and character of the leather. I eventually tried and tested a few different types with mixed results.
1. Never leave your TN in high temperature
I previously left my TN in the car on a hot day, and upon my return I found my leather started to dry up and my previous pocket stickers in my TN started to warp and peel off.

2. Don't use oily leather conditioners
Since my TN was dry, I thought putting some leather conditioner will restore the moisture. It did, BUT it made my TN a very dark shade of dark brown, almost black. It does, however, made it more resistant to scratches. Its a plus or minus, depending on the users preference.

3. Make sure it doesn't get wet
Normal water is fine. One time previously I got caught in the rain and got my TN wet, but once it dried off it returned to normal. What the TN cannot stand is beverages. I accidentally got some soy bean drops on the back of my passport TN, and the stain stayed till now.

4. Hold your TN more
The more you use, the more beautiful it becomes, the more resistant it is to wear. This is because it will absorb the small amounts of oils on your fingers, adding the protection barrier on the surface with a sufficient level.

5. If you want to clean and protect your TN:
There's a lot of methods that can be used. If its oils stains, I would recommend dumping talcum powder on the spot overnight to absorb most of the oils out. Then clean off the powder and use water with a some soap to work the left-on stains. You dip your rag cloth into it and use a circular motion to clean it up. You can make the soap lathery too if the stain looks like it penetrated deep. Wipe off with only water to wash off the soap (leather is skin after all), and use a dry cloth to dry it up. Leave to dry after that.

Prevention is better than cure, so with my passport TN I've correctly used the right products for it. Amongst 2 products that I have found to be good on the TN are the Timberland boot sauce and balm proofer. Since timberland boots are suede (the most sensitive type of leather), these products can be used without discoloring the TN.

Use the boot sauce first and allow to dry. This will nourish the leather for many many months to come. Then apply the balm proofer after to give it a water repellent protection, which will not change the feel of the leather. Both are really good products. The best part is that it will allow you to still scratch your leather, giving it the rustic and used look.

Other leather conditioners are not specifically used for untreated leather, so be careful. Some will discolor your TN, while others will give your TN a glossy finish (since its made for waxed leather). The picture shows my regular Tn and passport TN, where the regular is very dark brown. Even though I use it more, but it does not sustain any visible scratches, unlike my passport TN.

May 26, 2015 by Yen Fong LAM


Can’t believe today is the last day of Jan,  such a freezing day. 
My 2014 ended with work, 2015 started with work too.2015 has been treating me well so far. How about you?
It’s happy to work with people with positive attitude, they always bring positive energy to the coworker, learned something valuable from the obasan in the same workplace though it just a temporary work. I deemed it as a good start to the new year.
This year I was able to grab a fukubukuro (lucky bag) for myself. On the hatsuuri day(first business of the year), I bumped into some friends at train station early in the morning, it seems that we’re going to the same destination with the same purpose too (haha). There's so many people lining up and waiting for the shopping mall to open.
Sending negajyou (New year'card) to relatives and friends during new year is a custom in Japan. So, every year Japan’s post office releases many new design of postcard. If you happened to go to the post office in Japan during year end or the beginning of year, you can go there and have a look at the postcards with new year theme. It’s a lovely idea to provide different wooden stamp for the customer to decorate their postcards. Some stamps are with greeting message and some are with the Japanese zodiac animal of the year.
I have decorated my TN refill with the stamps too. It brings some new year ambiance to the first month of my schedule. 
During the new year holiday, I was invited by a Japanese to his house to celebrate new year with other foreigners. Despite living in Japan for few years, this is the first time I joined the new year party at a local people's home. They prepared some typical Japanese new year’s food for us such as kouhaku kamaboko (red and white fish cake), datemaki (steamed fish and eggrolled cake), kobumaki (rolled konbu kelp), kuromame (soft sweet black bean),kurikinton, mochi, etc.
Jan of 2015, a month of being surrounded by good people. Thankful.
January 31, 2015 by Leeming MAK

Tabiyo's TOP 10 items

Hi folks! 

Christmas and new year are just around the corner. It’s time to renew your new resolutions and plan.

There’s still have time to send your friends and families a lovely gift to celebrate the start of a brand new year.

In this time, we would like to say thank you for using Tabiyo Shop and appreciate your confidence in us.

As the year almost comes to an end, we have made a ranking for the most popular items at Tabiyo Shop. 

Here is our TOP 10 list:

1. Traveler's Notebook (Regular)

2. Traveler's Notebook (Passport)

TN is ranked top on the list. There's some reason for it. It's handy, simple and yet functional, you can always change the refills as you like, there are many choices, such as lined, blank, grid, diary, drawing paper, etc or you can customize it with pocket sticker or zipper pocket that helps to hold some small items like receipt, coins, ticket, street map depending on what you're going to do on that day. The size is fit on your palm when holding it, just grab and go!

3. Brass Plate Label

4. Honey Bee Spiral Ring Notebook

It's one of the notebook from a series Kraft notebook by Midori. There are 12 envelopes with clear window, where you can keep and display the things your put in let it a stamp, a ticket, a card or note.  It just like place to collect your ideas and inspirations on the way you travel.

5. Maste Set of 8

Master set of 8 is just perfect for adding some colour to the notebook. This set comes with 8 types of washi tape.It has set with different patterns and set that with plain colour. Usually I would use the washi tape to decorate and to stick the reminder and postcard on the wall. And, it looks great on the wall too!

 6. Brass Clips

The BRASS item really can bring you back those day memories. Love the numbers on the clips, it seems like giving every clip a name. 

 7. TTLB Paper Clips

These clips do have their own name and story, designed by Tool to liveby, Taiwan. Their names are respectively called Owl clip, Weis clip, Niagara clip and Ideal clip, guess which is which. 

8. Travelife/ Wooden Stamp

Just a stamp, an easy way to record when and where you have been to. The little weather box is just nice!

9. Travelife/ Travel Sticker

Some of the "ticket" in Mark's Travel Sticker reminds me of the bus ticket I used to have back in the time when I was a primary-schooler. Love the vintage design. 

10. TTLB Propelling Pencil

A "twisted" type mechanical pencil, the lead pushed out by turning the shaft clockwise. It's so meaningful that each mechanical pencil comes with a positive message on the body, which could remind you every time you use it. The combination of the colour looks harmonious together.

Hope this list will give you some ideas for the Christmas or new year's presents for yourself or your friends and families.

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!