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Our physical store since 2018

A place call home

Opening hours: Saturday & Sunday 11-5pm

Location: 294 Tabiyo Shop, Seremban


Since 2012

Tabiyo was created with a simple wish – to collect stories. After a fateful discovery of the Traveler's Notebook years ago, we fell in love with the idea of preserving memories in marks, stains, and folds.

Instead of holding onto an object’s flawlessness, we let it live as we do. Through 7 am train rides and 7 pm coffee runs, we take pride in the scars that decorate its skin. Through being lost in the city and losing itself in nature. Through falling, but never breaking. Every impression, from the unruly blots of ink to the raw leather gash is a part of its narrative. From a lifeless item, it becomes an artefact of experiences, both bitter and sweet. A life story.

First brick & mortar shop


If you’re wondering why we decided to set up shop here, well the reason is simple: Seremban is home. 

A place call home


The double-storey terrace house will feature our stationery shop on Ground Floor where you can enjoy a hands-on experience with our catalogue, and feel the different textures and materials that make the products unique.

Every corner has been carefully curated including a crafting space for you to fill up your journal while sipping a cup of coffee or nibbling on treats made with love at 2nd Space.


Partner Shop

We are the first partner shop in Southeast Asia! TRAVELER’S FACTORY exclusive items and partner shop stamp are now available in-store. Read HERE to discover more about our home, Seremban.