5 steps to enjoy Traveler's Notebook

You think Midori Traveler's Notebook is complicated to start off?

We can help you! What you need is a simple 5 steps to start a brand new notebook that belongs to you.

1. Purchase a starter kit (Regular Size or Passport Size):

- This set come with a leather cover (Brown/ Black) which could last you for at least 10 years or more... ; 

- A Blank refill which is the same as 003 Refill Blank Notebook. You may doodle/ write/ scrapbooking on this blank notebook without any limitation;

- A spare rubber band in case your rubber band was torn. However it didn't happen to us after 3 years of great time.

- A white cotton bag if you want to protect your notebook. We will not recommend you to do this as we wish to age with leather of Traveler's Notebook (shhhh...) 

2. 004 Pocket Stickers 

- Stick this on the inside of leather cover, very hand accessories to keep name cards/ itinerary/ papers and etc.

3. 008 Zipper Pocket

- A Traveler's Notebook will not complete without this. Zipper Pocket come with 2 sides, one side with zip lock, another side with 2 slip-in pockets. It can hold passport, tickets, small clips, coins, cards, pen and many more. 

Check out 004 Zipper Pocket for Passport Size

4. Pick a refill that suit you!

- For Travel: Additional Refill Blank/ Lined/ Grid/ Kraft paper notebook may suit you to record down the precious memories. Cut and paste the leaflets/ name cards/ maps.. that collected along the trip, paste it on your preferred refill.

- For Work: Diary such as 017 Monthly/ 018 Weekly/ 019 Weekly + Memo which help you to plan out your daily schedule. What's more, the diary is non-dated, thus you may begin or stop whenever you are ready. 

- For School: Too much notes to take? Try out 013 Refill LIghtweight Paper Notebook, which has double pages (total 128 pages) as the normal refill. 

5. 016 Pen Holder

- You do not need to turn your bag upside down to find a pen with this accessories attached with your notebook.


We hope our suggestions help!

Enjoy and have an inspiring journey with us and Midori Traveler's Notebook!


Email hellotabiyo@gmail.com for further inquiries.


Hi Emily, thank you for your comment! The brand (Traveler’s Company) that we are having is actually originate from Japan, they are the pioneer of Traveler’s Notebook since year 2006. We love the quality of the leather cover and paper insert that they used :)
Feel free to visit their official website for better impression: https://www.travelers-company.com/

Yen Fong August 19, 2018

Friend show me the note book, like it so much. In fact I have one but it is branded until my friend shown me Traverller’s note book and she said this is original. My question what is the different yr brand & the normal other travel scrap book. The one I having also looks like same but price much much cheaper. I need an advise what is worth for me to invest to this brand?

Emily Low August 19, 2018

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