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Hi folks! 

Christmas and new year are just around the corner. It’s time to renew your new resolutions and plan.

There’s still have time to send your friends and families a lovely gift to celebrate the start of a brand new year.

In this time, we would like to say thank you for using Tabiyo Shop and appreciate your confidence in us.

As the year almost comes to an end, we have made a ranking for the most popular items at Tabiyo Shop. 

Here is our TOP 10 list:

1. Traveler's Notebook (Regular)

2. Traveler's Notebook (Passport)

TN is ranked top on the list. There's some reason for it. It's handy, simple and yet functional, you can always change the refills as you like, there are many choices, such as lined, blank, grid, diary, drawing paper, etc or you can customize it with pocket sticker or zipper pocket that helps to hold some small items like receipt, coins, ticket, street map depending on what you're going to do on that day. The size is fit on your palm when holding it, just grab and go!

3. Brass Plate Label

4. Honey Bee Spiral Ring Notebook

It's one of the notebook from a series Kraft notebook by Midori. There are 12 envelopes with clear window, where you can keep and display the things your put in let it a stamp, a ticket, a card or note.  It just like place to collect your ideas and inspirations on the way you travel.

5. Maste Set of 8

Master set of 8 is just perfect for adding some colour to the notebook. This set comes with 8 types of washi tape.It has set with different patterns and set that with plain colour. Usually I would use the washi tape to decorate and to stick the reminder and postcard on the wall. And, it looks great on the wall too!

 6. Brass Clips

The BRASS item really can bring you back those day memories. Love the numbers on the clips, it seems like giving every clip a name. 

 7. TTLB Paper Clips

These clips do have their own name and story, designed by Tool to liveby, Taiwan. Their names are respectively called Owl clip, Weis clip, Niagara clip and Ideal clip, guess which is which. 

8. Travelife/ Wooden Stamp

Just a stamp, an easy way to record when and where you have been to. The little weather box is just nice!

9. Travelife/ Travel Sticker

Some of the "ticket" in Mark's Travel Sticker reminds me of the bus ticket I used to have back in the time when I was a primary-schooler. Love the vintage design. 

10. TTLB Propelling Pencil

A "twisted" type mechanical pencil, the lead pushed out by turning the shaft clockwise. It's so meaningful that each mechanical pencil comes with a positive message on the body, which could remind you every time you use it. The combination of the colour looks harmonious together.

Hope this list will give you some ideas for the Christmas or new year's presents for yourself or your friends and families.

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


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