Talking about when people start traveling to Japan, usually people would think of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto or Hokkaido, but not many people think of Kyushu. It contains 7 prefectures on the island. The most south western island of Japan. Recently, just followed my friends to Nagasaki. Not the first time but visit some new places within this prefecture.

First mission of the day, heading to Sasebo to look for our lunch.

Our lunch was the most famous food in Sasebo called Sasebo Hamburger, the size is almost triple McDonald chicken burger.

Definitely fulfilled to calories quota of the day.


These two shops are being recommended in most of the travel magazine in Japan.


Then, proceeding to our next destination , Sasebo Biopark - zoo and botanical garden. I hadn't been to zoo since standard 5.

Hence, I was quite excited to go to the zoo.

These are some the animal photos that we rarely see in Malaysia I think. And, some of them I saw them for the first time.

The llama. haha, I like his facial expression.

You can meet various animals along the way in the park, you can pet them and hand-feeding them.

I think this park has created a comfortable environment for animals that they don't put them into the cage (some of them).

I like this miniature monkey.


And, this is my first time seeing this big-sized-mouse-like animal, it called Capybara, a type of rodent.

Had a good time in the biopark and then we're heading to Nagasaki city.

 Actually, there are many chinese restaurant in Nagasaki. And, there is a chinatown in the city too. We ordered few must-eat food in the restaurant, but we loved chan-pon and sara udon the most. Taste good!


This is our room, this hotel has a open-air onsen (the hot spring).

Usually, Japanese likes to drink cold beer after leaving the hot spring. Haha, these are the drinks and snack we had for our small nomikai (drinking party) in the room.

more about Nagasaki, stay tuned.



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