Say hello to Sakura~

Went to Tokyo last week to meet a friend of mine and never know that the sakura in Ueno park was almost fully bloomed (It's just mid-March). And , Tokyo was as hot as like summer! Just a t-shirt and short pants were fine. So hot though now it's the beginning of spring in Japan.

There were so many people even on weekdays.

Our lunch.

One of the popular Iphone or Android game apps - Nameko Saibai (なめこ栽培). His/her? job is a detective assistant.

Walking from Asakusa area to Sky tree.

Yes, that's where we wanted to go!

If you are fan of Pon de Lion, must go to Mister Donut at Sky tree, there is a big Pon de Lion placing in the center, and the interior design also different from the other mister donut shops, much kawaii!

There are many special version of Kitkat released every season, one of my favorite is this. Original taste kitkat with engraved message such as "Let's take a deep breath!' , " Let's go forward! ", "Follow your own pace ", very encouraging!


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