Last April

Sorry for the late! I know this month is going to end soon, and today I will share with you guys on what's happening on April :D 

I customized the kraft envelope with the helping hand of Roll Stickers. This is going to paste at the back cover of Kangaroo Spiral Ring Notebook. They are now being displayed at Coffee Famille.

Latest mt masking tape Spring Summer is all in! Grab your preferred collection from our online shop or Coffee Famille. Love all the bright colors range, they brighten up my Kraft Paper notebook!

I made this little frame to introduce the different ranges of Spiral Ring Notebook. This is now being displayed at Coffee Famille. 

The little cosy corner for us to display our beloved Spiral Ring Notebook, Roll Stickers and MT Masking Tape. Available now at Coffee Famille.

Finally have the chance to visit Pipit Zakka Store during their Fabric Exhibition. MT Masking Tape was there! I love how they make use of MT Casa to decorate a plain wall.

This is what I got from Pipit Zakka Store - a fabric made of cotton, brochures, and wrapping paper ( I made those envelope ).

After a very long wait, finally we received the full range of Traveler's Star Edition! We are sorry but the TN Passport Size in Camel color was selling real fast!

Tabiyo Shop's new motto : "be a creator". We always believe we should be our own creator, we create our own life, we choose how we want to live. Just like how we handle our Traveler's Notebook. We decide how to customize it, and how it suit our lifestyle.

Met this little crafty girl through Instagram and she bought a Traveler's Star Edition wooden stamp from our shop. She re-use the kraft envelope that I posted to her. Glad that it looks so much useful now!

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