Traveler's Times Issue 10 [Translated - Part 2]

There are some places in the world, for example, at the deepest mountain in Eastern Europe or a cafe of a small alley. We drink coffee, and open the pages of our Traveler's Notebook, to heal the fatigue of travel. We will meet a traveler who came from a foreign country, just like us. We started our conversation without any concern. We share and talk about our Traveler's Notebook, the usage and the way we customize it. Then, we share the journey and places that we have been to. From the sticker that we pasted on our notebook, to our favorite songs and movies - just like old friends with many topics. 

It is almost 10 years since the launching of Traveler's Notebook at year 2006. At the beginning of Traveler's Notebook, those scenes are just a dream. 

Thank you to all partners who has a strong passion on introducing Traveler's Notebook to every corner of the world. Traveler's Factory, a base of Traveler's Notebook, it gathers all travelers around the world and share their story of their notebook.

Traveler's Notebook has a mysterious power that connects and creates a new way of communication. Since the number of users are increasing, we believe this power will become even stronger and a larger communication will born at the same time too. 

There will be a time at our journey, we drop by a cafe and meet with another traveler who is using Traveler's Notebook. By just imagining those co-incidence, travel can become much more joyful. 

Hello… much like you, I treasure a place called “home”. Home, as special as it is, isn’t our destination. Home is a place to travel from, a reference point from which to explore this curious planet… and beyond. We are travelers through our life. You’ve heard it said, “Life is a voyage!” We as travelers never really reach our destination (just like the concept of “TRAVELER’S notebook refills”). Eternity is in our hearts. Home is about relationships and life is the landscape of those relationships. Our purpose/ destination is to live truly! Hmmm, it sounds like the theme of TRAVELER’S notebook & company - “For all travelers who have a free spirit.”

The TRAVELER’S notebook goes beyond utilitarianism to “companionship”. The TRAVELER’S notebook’s remarkable design and thoughtful usage inspires my soul to seek for space, margins, and transcendence. Like a true friend who shares with me in every scratch, dent and spot. The TRAVELER’S notebook is a blank canvas that awaits your story. In the winter of 2012, I stumbled across TRAVELER’S notebook while surfing the web. My attention captured by its beautiful simplicity immediately. My computer direct me to a collection of 20,000+ TRAVELER’S notebook images. And from there, I became the proud owner of a TRAVELER’S notebook. Within a short period of time, I became a "collector" of TRAVELER’S notebooks. If you have a black one, you will want a brown one too.

If you have a brown one, the blue one is a must! How about a passport size version? Yes! Oh, and then I heard about 5th Anniversary Camel edition. It is a discontinued item and I have began my journey to search for this mysterious like Camel Edition. 

At the age of 7 (I'm living on the rim of Underwood mountain, overlooking the majestic Columbia River Valley in the USA), my mother sewed me a buckskin trapper bag. It was a simple survival tool for “a wandering man”. Mother always tried to motivate me to write on a journal but I have never got into it… until now. In my profession as a youth life coacher - serving young people, TRAVELER’S notebook serves me as non-intrusive, yet appropriate instrument while I scribbling notes and listen to their journeys.

Juan G. Estey Youth Life Coach, Photographer, Illustrator)
Born in Underwood, Washington in 1983. He graduated from Multnomah University/ Seminary with a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) degree and started his career as a Youth Life Coacher.
Based on his experience in web design and marketing, he also engages in designing, photo taking, and drawing illustrations as part of his career. This is all done based on his belief that design is a media that connects the message and people.
As a great fan of TRAVELER'S notebook, he also releases various information through his website.

"Traveler's Notebook & Company" changed the brand name from "Midori" to "Traveler's Company" since August 2015. At the same time, there will be renewal of official site soon. 
From official site, you will find information of products, story and information from travelers. You can also check out user's post, blog update from staff and downloadable information. So, please feel free to visit our new site!



Traveler's Notebook postcard campaign for 2015, thank you so much for your participation. We will soon post the artwork of winners on our official website. 
The theme of our postcard campaign is "Recommended Travel Spot". We gather all artwork from travelers from all around the world, and use it as a travel guide at the same time. We categorize the area/ country for each artwork too, feel free to check it before you go for a trip. 



Post from users on how they customize it, their trip, photos, scenery, related information with Traveler's Notebook, stories and illustration. 



From our official site, you can download calendar, subway route, world map and timetable according to the size of Traveler's Notebook. Trim out your favorite information, paste them on your notebook and customize them! 



When I was young, I thought I can travel the whole world by bicycle. Through books and TV programme, I taught about there is a different world outside. During that time, I imagined about the skyscraper at New York City, and desert at Africa is a village with magic. Imagination will not change without reality.
When I grow up, my world become wider by traveling - stand on the land, smell the air and feel the heat. 
In order to visit such beautiful scene, in order to d
rink a cup of coffee, in order to listen to favorite songs, in order to meet up with favorite person, we repeat the trip. The feeling is the same as visiting a friend's house for the first time, we knock the door and discover a brand new world. 

Instead of planning, lets follow our instinct. 
Instead of data, lets listen to other's voice. 
The world is not only appear on a screen, it can be a friend's place, a friend's friend's place, there is no limitation. The world seems narrow, but it is very deep. 
There are still things that unknown, lets multiply our trip and discover the unknown. 

Hello, world. 
Good afternoon, world. 
Let's knock on the door of new world. 
Have a good trip! 

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