First visit to Traveler's factory

Hi, how're you doing?

Last week, I just happened to be in Tokyo and had a break to visit Traveler's Factory for the first time, which is located at Nakameguro Tokyo and close the Nakamerguro station.

Walking through a busy street and finally I got here. It is situated at a quiet back alley.

The wooden elements from ceiling to floor and the lighting in the space exudes a cozy and warm atmosphere. 

New items spotted! It is the HIGHWAY EDITION Mt.Fuji! Started selling on 14 August 2013 in Traveler's factory. 

It is a collaboration between NEXCO central Japan and Traveler's factory.

 Besides stationery,  TF also has other products like leather items, coffee, clothes, camera accesories

It took me quite a long time to browse through the things inside TF, I felt like I want to grab everything home!

The whole ambiance in  TF is like what you feel from TN products, that's the way it is.




September 02, 2013 by Leeming MAK
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Adrianne said:

Love your products! How far is the factory from the Narita Airport??? Next time I come to Tokyo, I’m searching!!!

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