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APPREE is a product company providing a variety of office supplies, based in Seoul, Korea and was established in 2008. APPREE design small but special experience such as refreshing atmosphere of the mountain, mist, calm weather and lake felt in the nature and has always been developing small office products with an attitude of 'Learning from the Nature'. They believe that one of the best ways to feel nature, being notified about beauty of nature is through nature-like products, just like their series of flower sticker / sticky notes.


Here to give a creative twist to yarn is Avril, a specialty yarn maker from Kyoto, Japan. Established in 1992, Avril has been producing a wide variety of yarn products with natural and unconventional materials alike. Thanks to expert craftsmen who spin and dye the threads by hand, yarn can come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours, with uses beyond knitting or crocheting. We at Tabiyo Shop can’t wait for you to discover Avril’s fancy yarn collection. We hope you’ll be inspired by the designs, from the zany to the elegant, and introduce them to your next craft project. More about Avril yarn, click HERE.

Books / Magazines

As stationery and travelling lovers, we also adore reading about them and looking at pictures of them. And that's what you'll find in these awesome catalogues and magazines - new stationery products, arts and craft ideas, DIY tips, travel spots and most importantly, pages after pages of gorgeous pictures! Can we say, heart eyes?

Brass Products

BRASS has a somewhat nostalgic feeling that makes you want to use it for years and years, as if it is something you cannot bear to part with. The longer you use them, the more beautifully your BRASS products ages, and the more different the textures it develops, until they somehow become a part of you. BRASS, an alloy of copper and zinc, has its own remarkable gloss, and has been used in architecture, furniture, hardware, arts and craft, and more since a long time ago. Over the years, its surface oxidises to become a deep, tender colour hue worthy of long appreciation. Some brass pens are painted, but the paint gradually fades as you use the pen, until the pen's brass appears to show its one-of-a-kind hue. Traveler's Company presents a wide range of brass stationery, from brass ballpoint pens to index clips. 


Sustainable and crafted with the utmost care, Chabatree offers a range of beautiful home wares made from wood that has no chemical treatments. With the aim of walking softly on earth, Chabatree offers quality and lasting products that are sure to serve you for many years to come.


  From the historical city of Japan's Okayama Prefecture comes Classiky, a maker of stationery, craft materials, and everyday items. Blending heritage with sophistication, and form with function, Classiky designs carry a signature look of simplicity and elegance. The quality of a Classiky original is guaranteed; each item is designed and produced solely in Japan.

Envelopes / Letter Sets

At Tabiyo, we love the analogue way of doing things. Especially when it comes to writing letters. Sure we all have our emails and Whatsapp groups, but how often can one feel sincerity? Gratitude? Love? That's why we source for quality lettering products that often come with a unique texture or feel. From lightweight and delicate washi letter paper to envelopes with intricate letterpress printing, we hope you can find the perfect stationery to complement your correspondence.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gifts are a personal token for a special someone – a delightful surprise. So, why shouldn’t the packaging they come in be a surprise in itself? We say it’s time to ditch the same old box wrap and cellophane tape, and explore some new avenues to express your appreciation. Tabiyo’s gift wrapping catalogue is a collection of materials to give presents that handmade touch. From festive washi tapes and sheer printed bags to paper tags and illustrated message cards, each item can be mixed and matched with others to create a truly unique gift.


Putting the ‘fun’ in functional, Hightide designs products to complement your lifestyle and fulfill your daily life. With a wide range of resources and expertise, Hightide creates products suited for offices, homes, classrooms, and beyond. Together with their eponymous house brand, Hightide also carries other labels that share their spirit and standards while retaining their own particular style, including Penco and Nahe.

Japanese Paper Balloons (Kamifusen)

A traditional Japanese children’s toy, kamifusen (paper balloons) has been bringing happiness and warmth to the lives of little ones since the 19th century. Back in those days, kids found simple joy in keeping the balloons afloat by hitting them with their hand. While toys have advanced vastly since then, the rustic charm of the colourful wax paper instrument never faded. Today, Japanese paper balloons are often found at children’s parties as decoration or party favour bags, or as a hanging mobile for their bedrooms. Our Kamifusen collection comes from Isono, the company who has been producing the delicate paper balloons for over 90 years, preserving this beautiful heritage with a personal touch. 


KAWECO belongs to one of the oldest brands on the market. For more than 125 years KAWECO pens are an integral part of the high-class assortments. Kaweco insistently focuses on the thin line between tradition and innovation and therewith since 1883 secures the favor of those, who would like to impress their values and esteems on paper. Not without reason, the expert is talking about the unique octagonal shape. All Kaweco pens are designed and made in Germany.  


KITTA - The most convenient & accurate on-the-go masking tape KITTA is a series of masking tape that comes in handy size, each tape is pre-cut to 5cm length. You can have it anywhere in your pocket, journal, pen case, wallet, pouches or any other places near you. There are total of 3 style - KITTA Basic, KITTA Slim and KITTA Seal. With the same characteristics as washi tape, it’s reusable due to its pressure-sensitive adhesive that allows easy removal without leaving any residue or damaging surfaces.  


Knoop Works is a stationery and paper goods label from Osaka, Japan. Specialising in unique graphics and illustrations featured on a variety of items such as stamps and paper bags, Knoop products are steadily gaining popularity amongst craft lovers in Japan and beyond for their simplicity, elegance, and functionality, making them ideal for anything from letter writing to weddings. At Tabiyo, we're bringing in a curated selection of Knoop’s highly popular stamp products. Each item is crafted and assembled in Japan so you can be sure of their quality and authenticity.


In an era of intelligent design, Kokuyo brings everyday stationery up to speed. Through clever concepts and sensible features, Kokuyo products address the needs of stationery users, whether they are students or teachers, artists or executives. Explore a range of delightfully simple yet smart tools that enrich your learning and crafting experience.

MD Paper Products

Developed since the 1960s, MD's paper products are designed for writing comfort. With a well-protected manufacturing process and rigorous inspection, the quality each MD product is guaranteed. A testament to the paper's distinct quality and texture, a unique scribbling sound is created when the paper is written on. One of the fundamental products by Midori is the MD Notebook. A quality stationery bound with stitches, the book can be opened up flat to let you write with ease while maintaining durability. The smooth surface is perfect for fountain pens as it absorbs the ink well without feathering and bleeding.


  When a polka dot-loving designer meets a shop owner who adores stripes, Mizushima is born. The brand itself is named after Polka dots (Mizutama) and Stripes (Shima-shima), two simple and iconic patterns that often appear together in their designs. Since 2006, the duo has been creating unique and amusing stationeries with fine materials and refined craftsmanship, producing collections that range from paper goods to rubber stamps. Manufactured with care, sometimes even with their own hands, Mizushima’s products are clearly different from mass produced items in their quality and texture.

MT Masking Tapes

MT is the pioneer of Japanese washi paper masking tape, produced by the 100 year-old company, Kamoi Kakoshi, a specialised Japanese manufacturer of masking tapes used in a variety of applications including industrial and decorative. Other than the cute and stylish designs, the speciality of MT is the uniqueness of Japanese washi paper – strong yet thin. The adhesive is not only fantastic; the tape can also be removed easily without leaving residues and can be easily torn by hand. MT is semi-transparent so it can be especially pretty when it’s layered. It’s also easy to write on so it’s handy for making notes or messages.

Osco Labo

Osco Labo, short for Osco’s Laboratory is a stamp brand established by the Japanese craft label as a place to experiment with and explore new ideas. For them, stamps aren't just tools for marking labels and seals, but also an instrument for creativity. That's why their unique stamp designs and motifs are created for the purpose of “collaboration” - working with each other as well as different materials to bring forth new designs and creations like patterned masking tapes, stickers, and wrapping paper. We hope that our catalogue’s Osco Labo collection can be the inspiration for your next craft project, and the accessory for your creative expression.

Paper Products

There's no denying to convenience of high being in the digital age, but there's just something about the tactile nature of paper that just can't be replaced by any high tech gadget. Crafting is a wonderful and rewarding way to relieve the stress of the daily grind, and add a unique and intimate touch to gifts and letters. We curate and stock paper and craft supplies for both ardent hobbyists and those just looking to brighten up your desk. Discover our collection of paper products from Classiky, Mizushima, Tosawashi Products, and others.


Paper Yarns and Paper Twines have long been forgotten though now are slowly rediscovered as an environmentally friendly and sustainable material made from European wood and easily recyclable. As a very light though sturdy, simple and nevertheless elegant material, they offer endless possibilities to the advanced artisan as well as to the intrigued student and curious designer. After years of experimenting and experiencing the unique qualities of paper, paper yarns and paper twines, PaperPhine was founded in 2009. Combining formal and informal training in a wide variety of textile techniques as well as paper making and bookbinding, the always curious and passionate PaperPhines are constantly looking for new ways to use their materials of choice, preserving and reviving old techniques and incorporating state-of-the-art methods onto their designs.  

Passport Size

The Passport-sized Traveler's Notebook, favoured by many of our male customers, is a boardroom staple and useful travel buddy. It's the perfect size for keeping your passport and fits comfortably in messenger bags, most purses and even some pockets. At work, use it to plan your day and stay productive and organised. As pragmatic as it is portable, this little Traveler's Notebook is set on being your constant companion, personal assistant and confidante.

Spiral Ring Notebook

The Spiral Ring Notebook is no ordinary notebook. It consists of unique types of paper and pockets that complement your creativity. Whether you're writing down your thoughts, dreaming up images and sketching them out, or collecting bits and pieces of your journey through a new country, there's a notebook for you in this collection. Each Spiral Ring Notebook consists of a strong cover made of resin, holding together sheets of original paper or envelopes, and bound by hand with care.


These Suatelier Stickers are a symphony of cuteness and texture. They delight the eyes with funny and engaging animal and forest scenes, while tickling your fingers with bubbly matte stickers, or artistic paper cutout styled stickers. These unique design stickers are perfect for embellishing letters, notebooks, and calendars.

Tools to Liveby

A lot of fine stationery in the past have been cast out due to the change of generations and the closed factories. Tools to Liveby from Taiwan wants to revitalise and share the beauty of those disappeared good stationery. Tools to Liveby duplicate the very products with refined modelling and packaging.

Tosawashi Products

A 1,000 year-old Japanese heritage, given a new lease of life. Tosawashi Products creates beautiful and enduring washi stationery for daily use. Balancing a mixture of handmade washi paper with machine productions in their textured creations, the designer team from Tosa, Kochi found a way to make premium quality and rich artistry available to all.

Traveler's Company

  Traveler's Company is the name behind some of our favourite stationery items including the Traveler's Notebook, their Brass Products, Spiral Ring Notebook and other related products. A part of the Midori parent brand, Traveler's Company has been inspired by the travelling that one experiences every day. Thus, they've embarked on their own to create beautiful products that accompany us on our journeys and enrich our everyday lives.

TRC: Travel Tools

Coming Soon on 6th November 2019! _ For the Travel Tools collection, TRAVELER'S COMPANY were diligent about processing unique texture of paper, the quality of the brass and all other aspects of production, which was handled entirely in Japan at locations such as Designphil Nagareyama Factory and letterpress factories in Tokyo. Travel Tools collection featured refills with letterpress printed cover, letterpress stickers and greeting cards, brass ballpoint pen, brass charm and masking tape made by Kamoi Kakoshi (MT). Pick up your new notebook and items to decorate it, or attach a greeting card to give your loved ones as gifts and spread the joy of spending every day in 2020 like a journey!

Washi/ Paper Tape

Making waves in the arts and craft world, washi tape is a decorative stationery that’s found a permanent place in our toolboxes. A brilliant combination of traditional Japanese washi paper, masking tape adhesive, and uniquely adorable designs, washi tapes are the perfect ingredient for DIY projects, big or small. Delicate as they may seem with varying degrees of translucence, washi tapes are actually durable and strong. Their matte surface bears writing in lead or ink easily, making them ideal labels for your belongings, or decorations on wrapped gifts. Made of rice paper, washi tapes are tree-free and biodegradable in nature. It’s also reusable due to its pressure-sensitive adhesive that allows easy removal without leaving any residue or damaging surfaces. So go ahead and mix, match, experiment. Choose one tape, or many. There are no limits to their uses, or their charm.

Writing / Measuring Instruments

At Tabiyo, we're a firm believer that good pens give rise to better writing. In an age where emails and short messages rule our way of communication, it's almost become a lost art form. But there's certainly hope for us yet. Thanks to stationery powerhouses like Kaweco and Midori, classic writing tools are seeing a glorious return to popularity. From all-American ballpoint pens to fountain pens born of German engineering, our collection of writing instruments will be your gateway to a world of sophisticated penmanship and style. Here, you'll also find a handsome selection of measuring instruments like rulers and tapes elegantly cast in brass.