TF LIMITED: Leather Tag Bear

$52 MYR

Against the green backing paper is a set of polar bears (the parent and the cub) that came all the way from Chiang Mai, Thailand. You’ll recognise the familiar colour from TRAVELER’S notebook in Camel.

Use it to secure the closure of a gift bag or add a ribbon to it and adorn an already packaged gift. You can also hang it on a festive tree like an ornament, so it’ll bring smile to your face as you look at it every day. 

Of course, it is a leather tag that can be attached to the elastic band or bookmark of your TRAVELER’S notebook or used as a key chain, so it can travel with you everywhere. The parent polar bear is a great size for TRAVELER’S notebook Regular Size, while the cub can accompany your TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size, or any other ways that you like to customise your notebook! 

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