Drop Around x Classiky: Cards Collection

$18 MYR

Ever find writing notes and taking down information a hassle? Classiky’s here to make organising life easier (and of course, classier) with these elegant cards.

Each piece is printed with a blank template for jotting down all kinds of things. Whether you’re making a note of grandma’s secret recipe, reorganising your address book, or sending a handwritten message to a friend, these cards are perfect for any occasion.

They’re great for experimenting, too. Take the diary card, for example. Paste a 3R-sized photo on the back, a stamp on the front, and you’ve got yourself a postcard. A lovely, handmade one at that.

Each set contains 50 pieces.

Brand Classiky
Dimensions Address Card: 9.1 x 5.5cm
Recipe Card: 14.8 x 10cm
Diary Card: 12.7 x 8.9cm
Material Paper

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