Kata Kata x Classiky: BIRD Mamezara Plate

$52 MYR

Mamezara, or "bean dish" is a type of small plate from Japan. Traditionally a dinnerware essential, these tiny dishes have found their way into places other than the dining table.

These mini dishes by Kata Kata are truly one of a kind. Fusing "Inbante", a traditional transfer printing technique with quirky print designs of animals, a unique collection of ceramic ware is created. And because it’s all hand crafted and printed, each dish has its own distinct tones and imperfections.

With this beautiful plate, your dinner setting or work desk arrangement will be all the more exciting.

NOTE: As this is a fragile item, the original packaging might be opened and reinforced by Tabiyo for added protection.

Brand Kata Kata x Classiky
Size 10.8 x 8cm
Material Ceramic
Origin Japan  

Further information about Kata-Kata, click here.

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