004 Pocket Stickers

$17 MYR

These clever little plastic pockets can be stuck amongst the pages or on the insides of your notebook cover, and can be used to store small flat objects safely without being permanently stuck inside.

Each pack contains 3 individual clear adhesive pockets, including one credit card pocket and two smaller slip pockets. Specifically designed to be affixed to the back covers of your TRAVELER'S notebook or journal, it can also be stuck amongst the pages of your regular or passport sized notebooks.

The functionality and versatility of Pocket Stickers make them one of our favourite items here at Tabiyo. Travelling can be stressful, and it's easy to lose small items like tickets, business cards and photographs. These pocket stickers eliminate that problem so your precious mementos are safeguarded and your journey more enjoyable.

** Please take note that once the Pocket Sticker is placed on the leather cover of your notebook, it may leave an adhesive mark upon removal.

Dimensions 22.3 x 11cm (Packaging)
Materials PVC (3 pcs)

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