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Midori: 3-Year Diary Gate Kyo-ori [Overseas Limited]

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What is Kyo-ori?

"Kyo-ori" uses the techniques of Nishijin-ori textiles while adopting a more free approach that reflects today's norms. Each piece is carefully hand-woven by experienced Kyoto- based craftspeople. Now you can admire the history and traditions of these beautiful yarn-dyed textiles every day on the cover of your diary.

What makes multi-year diary special?

  • Look back on who you were in past years

As you fill in this Multi-Year Diary, you can look back on your own personal story over 3, 5, or 10 years ― it may be more dramatic than you think. Over the years, you'll create an irreplaceable book with all the emotions.

  • From how you get started to what you write, you make the rules!

Each date has its own page, containing every year so that you can look back on what you did in past years ― what you ate, what books you read, what you did for fun, and all those little things. The more you fill in, the more fun it becomes to look back.

Example 1: Record the temperature and what you wore each day

Example 2: Diary of daily events

Example 3: Enjoying decorations with favourite stickers/ tape

Example 4: Dinner menu and impressions

This Multi-Year Diary allows you to look back over 3-years of records of the same day, and to enjoy the pleasure of reading and writing at the same time. You can meet yourself in last year. You can write your today's record while reading what you were doing today in last year. It's a 3 years continuous diary that allows you to unexpectedly "reunite" with forgotten special events, and enjoys the everyday that grows with time.

Message from the producer of Multi-Year Diary Gate

It has been 10 years since the Multi-Year Diary Gate was released  ̶ 10 years of people enjoying this diary. It is difficult to keep a diary every day, and there are probably many people who have tried to keep a diary but failed. This diary becomes a part of your life because you keep for 3, 5, or 10 years. You write a little every day each year and eventually you have an irreplaceable book of memories to look back later.
Writing every day can be difficult. On some days, you might not be able to write anything. On some days, your handwriting might be a mess because of your emotions at the time. On some days, you might only write a few words. But all of those days will be treasured memories when you read your diary later. Like me, I feel that many people start a diary because of a change in their environment or a crossroad in their lives. Here are some examples of how people are
using the Multi-Year Diary Gate. I hope they will be that final push for those who are thinking of starting a diary.
The Multi-Year Diary Gate is full of ideas to help you greet each day with a positive attitude. As you turn to each month, a new door appears, giving you a pleasant feeling of moving forward.
The motifs in the index capture each season. It is a small detail that I like very much.
Lastly, while writing in a diary is more involved than typing something out, I think the great thing about handwritten diaries is that, unlike typing, they allow you to preserve the feelings and atmosphere of each moment. I encourage everyone to spend some time writing by hand in Multi-Year Diary Gate  ̶ it's fun, and you'll feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish the whole book.

Brand Midori
Dimensions Case: 19.2 x 12 x 3cm;
Product: 18.5 x 11.7 x 2.5cm
Number of Pages 366
Specifications 6mm ruled lines, with 3 pages of appendix, thread binding, 2 bookmark strings

Cover: "Kyo-ori" cloth with gold-foil stamping;

Paper: MD Paper

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