PC x Phavourite: 9pt Tiny Text Rubber Stamps [18 options]

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Taking a glance at these characters, perhaps it was just seconds ago where you might have just seen them somewhere? A tab from a web browser on computer screen, a page from a book, a line from a magazine or a scene from the phone. Capturing snippet from daily encounters, these texts turned into rubber stamps allow digital font being put into analogue documentation.

Designed in tiny font size of 9pt, they are high versatility for creating a depth in between our handwritings. Use these delicate rubber stamps to add special personal touches on your journal pages, a gift wrapping, message card or any occasions.

Some ideas and connections:
The story of” an happy incident;
Chapter.” for a milestone, regardless big or small;
Page of “ remarking a few sheets of paper;
Favourite -“ your pick among an selection, a flavour of sweet treats, an item from your shopping haul;
Weight g.” for recording your baking recipe;
a.m. ——- p.m.” quick record of a day activities;
Designed by.” for honouring the ideas;
(and more…)” words that need not to be explicitly told or leaving space for imaginations;
Note.” words that require attention;
Message.” when sending thoughts;
: ”            ” “ for quoting a line or phrases (open and close inverted commas can be stamped separately, may control the space freely)
CONTENT:” when listing a shopping list;
AM ——- PM” for highlighting events of the day;
Written.txt” giving your text or paragraphs a sense of ritual of file-saved;
Wrapped.wpx” as a seal of a gift package (WPX is an abbreviation for Worldwide Parcel Express, usually seen on an airway bill to indicate the package class);
Documented.doc” when an encounter bring written, presented, or memorialized representation of thought;
Captured.jpg” of a snapshot;
Untitled.jpg” an artwork, a creation or or anything that is not named.

Serifs typeface, which has a small line or stroke attached to the end of a larger stroke were believed to have originated in the Latin Alphabet with characters carved into stone in Roman Antiquity. They are mostly used in lengthy text, such as books, newspapers and most magazines back in the days, carrying the vibes of formality and traditional classic.

*With purchase of a complete set (18 pcs), receive a free customized white paper tray for holding these tiny rubber stamps in place. Simple assembly required with guide provided. 

Brand Phavourite
30mm x 6mm x 24mm
Material Wooden handle & grey rubber

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