Yonagadou x Classiky: Matchbox Stickers

$32 MYR

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Yonagadou’s endearing illustrations are perfect for that little touch of delight. Now in pint-sized stickers, tiny dolls and fairytale toadstools can travel onto your scrapbook, a postcard, or wherever your imagination takes them.

Available in 4 themes, the stickers come in a decorated matchbox that, once empty, can be turned into a holder of things just as tiny.

"Fashionable" 48 pcs set
"Fairyland" 45 pcs set
"Japanese Dolls" 68 pcs set
"Winter Bunny" 64 pcs set

Further information about Yonagadou, click here.

Brand Classiky
Dimensions Matchbox: 5.6 x 3.5 x 1.7cm
Material Paper

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