Midori Japan

Midori: Lightweight Brass Index Clip

$28 MYR

Only 2 pieces in stock!

A set of 8 solid brass index clips at only 0.15mm thick, designed perfectly for organising and compartmentalising your Notebook/ Diary. They can also be used in books, cards and scrapbooks. At only 2.5mm width, this index clip fit perfectly inside the cover.


Like all brass goods, the copper within the brass oxidises over time and may develop verdigris, similar to rust. This is simply a unique characteristic of brass and is completely harmless, and is even said to make it even more attractive. But no matter, if you prefer its original glossy finish, simply give it a quick buff with some metal polish and voila! Good as new.  

Brand Midori
2.1 x 1.25cm

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