Midori Japan

Midori: XS Compact Puncher

$54 MYR

A smart stationery for the organised, Midori’s XS puncher save space without cutting corners.

This is the world's smallest two-hole puncher!

It comes with an arrow mark to indicate the center of the paper, and can punch holes for up to 5 sheets of copy paper at one time. After use, it folds up compactly and can be stored in a pen case. It also comes with a dust tray just like our usual hole puncher.

Available in black, white, pink or blue.

Brand Midori
Package Size: H157 x W77 x D18mm
Product Size: <Storing> H28 x W67 x D17.5 mm; <Using> H56 x W109 x D45mm
Polycarbonate and Stainless Steel

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