2nd Space is an extension of Tabiyo Shop.

The idea was simple, we loved quality products that enriched our lives, and we wanted to share that. Life can be hectic and we lose sight of what matters.

At 2nd Space, we want our guests to come to us as though it's their second home. To unwind, relax and enjoy the art of slow living. While immersing yourselves in our products such as carefully handpicked magazines and homewares, enjoy drinks and snacks prepared by our team with passion and love. 

If you are just as passionate about something and would love to share, feel free to contact us here.

We look forward to seeing you and spreading the love for quality simple living.


Saturday - Sunday (Weekends only)

11:00 am - 5:00 pm 

NOTE: Our opening hours may be affected by prior engagements such as appointments, events or travelling. If you’re planning to visit, do check out our calendar to see if we’re open on the day. Thank you!


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