Analogue Keeper

AK: Beginning Sticker

$20 MYR

For a little convenience to help you with the duties of the day, here’s a sticker sheet that instantly creates a page header for a task/ event of the day. 

The pack has 4 formats to choose from: note, date, time, and week. Each format comes in different purposes, how about organise your day with "time," the 24-hour timeline sticker. In addition, all stickers come in a pastel palette with soothingly dreamy colours.

Pack of 5 sticker sheets.

* Single (Trial Pack | 1pc/ea): re-packaged by Tabiyo. You get 1 pc for each design in a pack.

Brand Analogue Keeper
Dimensions Packaging: 80 x 150mm
Specifications Pack of 5 stickers
Material Paper

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