Analogue Keeper

AK: Handy Monthly Book

$48 MYR

This diary is designed in a blank 12-month calendar format without days and dates, making it completely customisable. Begin your year on your birthday, or your weeks on your favourite day - it's all up to you.

Use it as an organiser or jot down your everyday thoughts and experiences, it'll be your trusty confidante wherever you go. Also contains yearly plan, monthly tracking pages and blank pages where you can plot your next big adventure.

Highly recommended to complete it with AK PVC cover.

Brand Analogue Keeper
Dimensions 20 x 11.5cm

1p: beginning page; 2-3p: keep my own way; 4-5p: this year's plan; 6-9p: monthly tracking pages; 10-33p: monthly pages; 34-94p: blank pages; 95p: personal info.

[Total: 96 pages]

Material Paper

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