Avril: Minicone W1 Blue Puff

$36 MYR

If you’re looking to have some serious fun with yarn, these Minicone are just for you. Rolls of fancy yarn with unique designs, Minicone come in an assortment of colours and textures for your experimentation.

Choose from lush, vibrant hues or feathery, creamy pastels. Pile it on for fluff or leave a thread on its own to show its true form. Mix it with each other, or match it with something else entirely.

Whether it’s for handcrafted décor, gift packaging, bag design or party decorations, the possibilities are endless! 

Brand Avril
Minicone size
Height 12 x 3.5cm
Yarn length 80m~
Material Acrylic 60%, Nylon 40%

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