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BK: Brass Charm - Ichigou Ichie

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9 x 6.5cm (Packaging);
Diameter 2cm (Charm)


Ichigo Ichie brass charm is designed and created by Baum-kuchen in collaboration with The Superior Labor. Its inspiration comes from the Japanese word "Ichigo Ichie". To us, it captures the idea of honoring to spend the given moment as present as we can.

"Here. Now.

With you.


The overall design is inspired by Japanese 5-yen coin which is often considered as a lucky charm coin. The front of the charm features the Chinese characters for "Ichigo Ichie" and the back of the charm has a designed motif of the cherry blossom gently swept through the breeze. 

We hope you can use this charm as a gentle reminder to slow down and embrace your special company, space, and the gift of being present. The charm can be easily attached to your TRAVELER'S Notebook's elastic band or on the bottom of the bookmark thread. The brass will darken and patina over time with usage.