Traveler's Company

Brass Fountain Pen

$25 MYR

Easily converted into a compact, “carry around” size and elongated for easy writing, BRASS FOUNTAIN PEN also boasts a depth in texture that solid brass acquires over time and use, complemented with a high-quality finish created by skilled Japanese craftsmen.

The top of the pen has a ring for attaching a hook or string, so you can clip it to your bag as a key holder or customise it using beads and other items – let your imagination run free! The ring can also be removed for a clip-free pen if you'd like. The pen uses international standard cartridges that are available in black and blue-black.


Like all brass goods, the copper within the brass oxidises over time and may develop verdigris, similar to rust. This is simply a unique characteristic of brass and is completely harmless, and is even said to make it even more attractive. But no matter, if you prefer its original glossy finish, simply give it a quick buff with some metal polish and voila! Good as new.

Brand Traveler's Company
1.1 (Diameter) x 9.7cm
1 Brass Fountain Pen contained in PET case
Material Brass body, steel nib
Nib size Fine
Pre-installed ink color
Black; Refillable - International standard cartridge
Origin Japan


More info:

- How to keep the fountain pen in good condition

- How to replace the ink cartridge

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