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Midori Japan

Clear Cover for MD Notebook

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To cherish your MD Notebook and use it for years to come also means to protect it with care. This removable clear cover will do the job by serving as a "house" for your notebook, and all the memories in it. 

The vinyl (clear) material is designed to keep dirt and grime to a minimum without compromising the appearance of your MD Notebook. By keeping the paraffin paper cover that comes with the notebook, you can soften the inorganic feel of the vinyl. 

All of these covers will protect your notebook without taking away its character, keeping everything simple and subtle.

Brand Midori
Size (When Open) 

A5: 21.8 x 31.6cm

B6 Slim: 18.2 x 23cm

A6: 15.5 x 23cm

Material PVC/ Transparent Vinyl
Specification Attached pen holder
Origin Japan