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Hightide: Nahe General Purpose Case (A7)

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Number of Pages


8.8 x 12 x 2.3cm


Additional 1 internal pocket, 1 external pocket

Keep your Nahe cases close, and your stationery closer.

A series of functional, multi-purpose pouches for pencils, notepads and iPads alike, Nahe by Hightide creates storage tools that keep everything in place so you can keep them close to you. Even the name itself says "close by" in German!

The structure and design of Nahe products are simple but striking. Things in the pouch can be clearly seen through the transparent “window” of the pouch, making it easier to keep track of your personal belongings.

The cases come in a variety of colours and sizes to complement your wardrobe and your mood.

Don't miss out on these essential "by-your-side" accessories!

The General Purpose Case A7 is perfect for the storage of credit cards, tickets, business cards and other small paper items.