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Kokuyo: Karu-Cut Masking Tape Cutter (S)

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ABS & Stainless Steel blade

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40 x 20 x 20mm


For tape width: 10~15mm

Always carrying your masking tapes around with no easy way to cut them? The Karu-Cut Masking Tape Cutter is for you.

Replacing bulky tape dispensers and time-consuming scissors, this light and handy tool will get the job done in a safe, convenient manner. The cutter clips onto a tape roll and holds it in place while you pull and tear the desired length of tape.

The Karu-Cut Masking Tape Cutter introduces a redesigned blade that makes shearing clean, easy and safe. Instead of a saw-like cutter, the Karu-Cut dispenser features a specially processed blade with a fully sharpened edge that is raised and recessed, so you can truly cut tape instead of ripping them, using 50% less force.

The height of the blade has been adjusted to about less than 0.2mm, the approximate thickness of the skin on our fingers. Use it with care and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Want to change tapes? Just unfasten the cutter and clip it onto a new roll. It works like magic - on different roll sizes, too. Have fun taping!

Tips: Get a L size (20~25mm) to fit almost all tape sizes :)