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  • Easy-to-close square flap closure
  • Gummed v-shaped flap closure
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Midori Japan

MD Envelopes

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MD Paper Cream

Number of Pages


Sideways: 11.4 x 18 x 0.5cm
Portrait: 18 x 9 x 0.5cm


8 envelopes in a set

A person's handwriting can tell you many things when you read between the lines. From strong, deep strokes to round, playful curves, our penmanship describes our personality and mood without us having to be there. That's one of the reasons why handwritten letters are so personal and intimate. And there's no better way to capture that expression than with MD Paper.

Developed since the 1960s, MD's paper products are designed for writing comfort. With a well-protected manufacturing process and rigorous inspection, the quality each MD product is guaranteed. A testament to the paper's distinct quality and texture, a unique scribbling sound is created when the paper is written on.

Known for its notebook products, MD recognises that their thinner material is not suitable to be used in envelopes. Instead, through a two-sheet construction method, MD produced a thicker, more secure stationery that still retains its comfortable writing surface. All to ensure the privacy as well as safety of its contents from prying eyes and heavy-handed mailmen.

The pages are in MD Cream, a tone first created in 2006. The warm yet light colour is easy on the eyes, adding to the pleasant sensation of writing with an MD product.