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MD Notebook Journal Codex 1 Day 1 Page

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A person's handwriting can tell you many things when you read between the lines. From strong, deep strokes to round, playful curves, our penmanship describes our personality and mood without us having to be there. That's one of the reasons why handwritten notes and letters are so personal and intimate. And there's no better way to capture that expression than with MD Paper.

MD Notebook Journal Codex 1 Day 1 Page allows you to chronicle each day of your year — the people you met, the places you went and what was on your mind. This journal has enough space to write anything you want, in your own way. Keep it on your bookshelf and read it again over the years, to look back on who you were and what you did this year.

With a whole page for each day, there’s even more space to enjoy the freedom of blank space and the comfort that MD PAPER provides when writing and drawing.

Codex binding with an exposed thread-stitched spine allows the journal to open out flat from beginning to end for easy writing every day of the year. The highlight of this new product is you could tears off along the dotted lines at the every corner of each page, providing a satisfying end to your entries.

There are two layout available: BLANK and DOT GRID

A label stickers is included. A clear notebook cover custom-designed for these notebooks is also available HERE.

Brand Midori
Dimensions A5: 21 x 14.8 x 2cm
Number of Pages 368
Specifications Codex binding, pages perforated in one corner, label stickers (MD PAPER)
Material MD Paper Cream

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