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MD Pencil 6pcs Set

$32 MYR

Only 2 pieces in stock!

The same soft, delicate colouring of MD Paper, in pencil form.

The MD Pencil uses the same colours as MD Paper for its standard honeycomb-shaped body that is easy to hold with the thumb, index finger and middle finger. With a no-frills design in the same colour as MD Paper, your attention is drawn straight to the lead. 

The popular B lead is used for the MD Pencil, providing a balance between soft and hard that you'll never tire of. With this carefully designed pencil as a companion, nothing will stand in the way of those great ideas for your writing or art. 

A set of pencils in 3 colours also released with the 10th Anniversary items, that coordinate perfectly with cream MD Paper. Use these beautiful colours to jot down your great ideas or add depth to a beautiful sketch. And the matte texture of the pencils makes them comfortable to write and draw with.

Brand Midori
Dimensions Pencil: 17.6 x Diameter 0.7cm
Packaging: 5 x 17.8 x 1cm
Specifications Pencil Lead: B;
Colour Pencil: Gray, Light Blue, Orange (2pcs each)

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